Advice- Landlords, should a tenant pay for wear and tear?

Should a tenant be charged for wear and tear above his deposit if he’s lived in your house for 8 straight years without needing repairs over the years?

Nope. Normal wear & tear should never be charged to tenants.

Rental s are a waste of capital ,I wish someone advised me before nijenge rentals zangu,stress mingi na dismal return less than 10% ROI

Customer amekupea continuous business miaka nane ndiye unataka kumfanyia ivo?

You aren’t prohibited from selling. Si unaweza uza though it takes time juu sio liquid asset.

Lastly, kwani ulijenga with the intentions of making money in rentals?? Nobody in their right mind builds rentals to make life-changing money. Rentals ni safety net ya kupark pesa zenye umeomoa kwa biz, tenders, etc.

You build rentals to stay rich, not to get rich - big difference. Inakaa ulijenga rentals before uomoke so you feel that your capital is tied up.

Nikapata mita kama 100 ivi najenga rentals without second thought juu that 1M/month in rent can go a long way. Lakini kama ulijenga na say 10M lazima utafeel ume-tie up precious capital.

I’ve paid that bagger close to 2.5m, ati pay this months rent, repair any damages, forfeit your deposit then move.

The guts. And I told him on WhatsApp on 29th October why I would consider moving, then again on 23rd Dec, ati I haven’t given “proper notice”

Na si ati I want a reimbursement of the depo, I just want to go.

Hana shukran huyo.

I know surprisingly little about renting laws in Kenya. But in your situation I’d forfeit the deposit and show him a middle finger. You paid it 8 years ago so it probably isn’t much now*

Rentals ni upuss whether you have 10 million or 1 billion,the ROI is so low and the headache so high ,I always tell anyone who cares to listen if you can’t get your investment in less than 5 years that’s a bad investment ,if I can’t sell part or all that asset or top up that asset in 60 days that’s a terrible Investment.

My old man ako na one bedrooms alikua analipisha 12k in 2012 and 10 years later bado bei ni same. Uki ongeza bei watu wanahama… Smh…

Hapa ni kupoteza pesa

watu waishi inje?

plus kuna msee amesema hapo rentals si main hustle ya landlords

Landlord/lady anawachia future generations who didn’t spend a shilling.

Na akiwafukuza wote azitengeneze upya ndani yake, tiles, wall papers

:D:D:D:D:D…I am not responsible for housing matha fackas out here men!!
Shared,bonds , businesses can also be inherited ama unafikiria Frederick Benz Bado Ako hai to manage Mercedes Benz?
Rentals are a source of headache,low return and serious family strife when the divisibility of those rentals isn’t clear unlike shares,bonds mtu anaweza gawa to units of 100 or even 1 for the later na you reduce upuss ya mashamba I saw in kabete when building my rental s huko ,watoto wa mzee moja fighting for 6 units za one bedroom flat na ni wanne na single mother dota iko na kihii inachapa uncle zake rko juu ni walevi zaidi.

With this mentality you may never make any meaningful investment in your lifetime. Sometimes it is not about a high ROI. It is about getting some steady income for a lifetime. It is about low risk guaranteed income to feed and sort basics for your family. It is about Corona or the mext pandemic showing up and the govt announces curfew and you still have an income. It is about having an income even when you are on a wheelchair, walking stick or hospital bed. It is about leaving your kids something that can help them finish school and sort small problems. Many have tried other investments only for things to go south, or they die and the money or investment is squandered or the investment cannot work without their constant presence because it requires special skills and interest which no one else has. Hii mambo ya high ROI is for millennials who are peasants and live in fantasy world. Old wazees and people who did rentals knew what they were doing that is why they navigate life as others suffer during hard times.

:D:D:D:D:D… when shit hits the fan ,it hits first and the hardest private citizens especially peasant s wa kukomboa,they can’t pay rent so they move out,tembelea juja, ruiru uthiru na ngong and see landlord struggling with tenant wengine wanalisha kuku the ndani ya hizi nyumba.
Intelligence is charting your own course in life and not trying to ape or copy and paste other people way of doing things, rentals in Kenya is a bad investment ,Soma gazeti ya Thursday and see flats being auctioned at a fraction of their price.

They are spacious na ziko na tiles. Hata ukiweka swimming pool hakuna mtu atalipa more than 12k for a one bed hio area.

@ChifuMbitika we need your insight concerning rentals. How have you managed to stay in the game for long?

@Karoga I have experienced what you have lakini yangu ilikuwa huko Yues.

My goodness, I almost get a headache when I remember those days. Owned a few rental houses. Properties bought from foreclosure. Fixed them up. Tenants can be beasts and in the literal bad way. On Saturday jioni you’re chillaxing after a gruelling week. Phone call hio mara the downstairs toilet in one of the units is clogged, mara there is a water leak from the upstairs bathroom etc. Woe unto you upate tenants from hell & all of a sudden stops paying rent. Huko Yues you cannot just lock the door, the eviction process is also gruelling, expensive and time consuming because you have to go to court, get the eviction judgment. Kama tenant bado amekata kutoka, involve the local sheriff etc. Collecting the arrears is also a nightmare.

Rentals hapana mchezo. Did it for 7 years sold off the houses. Invested that money elsewhere.

Prior to the pandemic, folks that owned commercial rental properties were sawa. When Covid hit, pia hao wamelia kiasi. Especially with businesses closing and some adopting the hybrid work model. A lot of companies too have opted not to renew their leases or renegotiated or have downsized.

I have always engaged top notch agencies to manage the houses. I make sure that I pay constant visits to listen to the needs of tenants. Any problems arising is quickly taken care of. Any problematic tenant is shown the door at the earliest opportunity

Wear and Tare Kenya? Not really.