@admin, why can't I delete conversations?

There are so many conversations in my inbox and I would like to delete them. Unfortunately there is no delete button anywhere. I can delete my threads and comments in threads, why am I unable to delete private messages?

Bora usidelete zangu :slight_smile:

nyangau omba mjouls pole pole

Nishapewa… Acha wivu. Umia pekee yako

Unajua bado evidence itabaki kwa recepient Mahali ulikuwa unaomba?

First select all the conversations by clicking on select all button alafu a small dialogue box will pop up asking you choose the action…

done that no delete.

kama uliomba mashemale wa huku kuma na unaona watakuanika, pambana na hali yako,brare fukin shiet

The app is so convenient… But you think it’s nonzenze

following for my neighbor

i already have too many apps. browser is enough for ktalk.

Jinga kabisa… BROCKED!

na tuheshimiane

Hahaha… Only in bed.

Why are you deleting convos?
And more importantly , do mods snoop In our inbox coz I called one a cow and I wouldn’t want a situation where she decides to post my nooods :smiley:

staki kuacha damning evidence in this server.

@okwonkwo do you want to delete my noooods too??

My convos are on page Eighty
How the fuck will I delete all those? :(:confused:


Kwani unakufa ?
Wachia @Phylgee legacy rights and instructions.