@admin, why can't I delete conversations?

Seriously this over c’est moi… shit

mtu aliitishwa noods za mjuols na akatuma.

Their is no privacy in inbox at all, this was this immature boy with PMS who would mention stuff I shared only with a few talkers on inbox. From then on it shifted to email. Kwanza mods live in the inbox sections apart from creating many fake handles.


Hahaha… He’s deleting the evidence so that I won’t see

screwchieth kwani ulikuwa jela norway juu umekuja na fujo hivi?the best thing ni vile huwa sisikanishi ile kitu huwa unasema

Like a first script code

And the after first run the pop never stops after that

nimeomba nikapewa nikakula sasa nataka kudelete convo and block the slice giver.

cheza chini admean

:oops::oops::oops::oops::eek: For real?
How did you contain the leakage?

Ulijuaje ? :oops:

mutheu,nisafishe macho please

Are we in danger?? [emoji15]

Sema na mapema… Will not judge you…
Lemme hear the wack Ness of the blue handles

It was not a big deal what we were discussing there but it was interesting to see the boy talk about it and directing it at us. Yaani staff=stalker. Surely people have deranged issues. Worse I saw someone’s post being edited to fix them. Then a screen shot is taken and shared each time to put her down. Keep your details far from inbox.

ngai, am on pg 40, nipe wrink

great friends i have here and occasional sweep is welcome, nothing personal. like it the way it is

I have 20-21 friends here whom we know each other personally. 7 of them very close. Sometimes I post Jubilee Development while I’m with them. As we laugh and joke about. Lakini he once showed me a security threat in this site that alarmed me. Spyware that capture personal info and can even remotely switch on your selfie camera undetected. Men from that day, its covered with black tape. Yaani the length some will go to.

Nimeokoka sasa