Guys, i am addicted to…
Okay, it’s been a while so I might be a bit rusty but here is my reality.
Late last year after a friend I had trusted to pay rent on my behalf gambled the whole amount sh. 8000 and as a result defaulted on payments. I was on holiday and no one informed me so on opening school more than a month later I was given an eviction notice promptly and ejected from the house(E7) I had grown greatly fond of. I had stayed there since early 2015 while in second year first semester pale jkuat. Over 60 girls had been slayed there by yours truly, couple of mad parties and it was in there that Big Boi and I made a great fortune off shadowy ventures …i have fond memories of the house but that’s just nostalgia. I even begged the caretaker to allow me to take one last shower there and thankfully they allowed me after I explained to him the sentimental value the place had to me.

I was on attachment during that period and within the same apartments there was a classmate friend of mine who at that point in time commuted to his place of internship from home so his house was unoccupied at the time. His name is Elvo. My place of internship was at IAT Kasarani and so I figured I could use his house before we resumed with school by when I’d have raised money to rent elsewhere. He agreed and so I used to jav every morning from Juja to Kasaa daily.
It is during that period that I used to ferk a certain pretty petite girl from TUK by the name Bella every Wednesday evening being the only day she didn’t have evening classes. One Wednesday she passed by my office and let me finger her since I was busy that evening and she was horny af. I had to chase her away lest she put me in trouble. Hekaya coming soon.

Fast forward to early this year and by the time schools opened I had not made an effort to look for a house but Elvo told me not to stress and that I could pirate for the time being. I owe him a lot for that.

If y’all can remember, it was start of the year that lecturers had downed their tools for like a month so official opening of schools was delayed. With so much time in our hands students resulted to partying 24/7.
It was during one of those parties still within the same apartments that I spotted a this pretty young thing. I wasn’t drunk yet. She was kinda tipsy but not too much. I lose it with petite girls man. It’s just the way it is. First I took in how delicate she looked and fantasized how attractive and sexy her svelte diminutive frame would be if I she wore a dress. A short flare dress maybe black and polka dotted and one that is closer to her waist than it is to her knees.
Her complexion was more of chocolate laced with some jelly. You would want to sink your teeth in it if y’all saw her. Her pink lips were well, inviting to say the least. They had arrogance written all over them but with a hint of promiscuity and sheer nastiness. Her well arranged pure white teeth made her giggles all the more alluring. She didn’t have a big bosom or a big ass but both were excellently proportional to the size of her body. I wanted her no matter what. I was dying with lust. I couldn’t help it.

Hey, I’m Diablo and i liked how you were dancing earlier. It’s so sexy how you do it.” I said offering my hand.
She managed a smile…
Thanks. I saw you staring. I am kate. Nice scent by the way.” She replied while not letting my hand go .

We didn’t speak for long after that but I made subtle hints of my interest. She kinda liked my aesthetic also and the fact that I was the only laid back guy up until that point since I was sober unlike everyone else. I was certain of getting laid that night. With every swing of her waist I experienced wild thoughts.
As the night wore on and after she had had had one too many drinks she blacked out to my dismay.
I left the house immediately nikaenda kejani na nikachoma ungwelo I had planned to give her in a bid to rile her up while thinking of what could have been. But I didn’t give up.
The next day I asked around which house she stayed at and I went to confirm whether she was as attractive during the day as at night and try my luck once more.
She was even more beautiful plus she opened the door with just a bra and some light hot pant. She must have been expecting me. Unfortunately, some other hot friend of hers showed up and ruined my plans. I left but after having told her to pass by my house later that night for some blunt blowing. In Juja you invite a girl for a weed session and I bet you she won’t stand you up. Life hacks those.

Now don’t forget I was a squatter.

It’s like she knew what my intentions were from the start since she came with a some very contravashial attire in the name of a nightdress. To be honest, my plan that night was not to bang her but to get her high af and what she was all about. That accompanied by the fact that I couldn’t exile my host at night made it very difficult for me. Further to complicate matters, she told me she had some friends sleeping at her house that night.
First I introduced them to one another.
She then proceeded to sit next to me on the couch.
My host is a good deejay and he has a habit of flexxing his skills whenever girls come to visit and on this day he peaked. He was mixing like a world class deejay and I could see my catch throw glances his side and applaud my guy every time he scratched on the Virtual DJ shits. When the blunt got to him he made impeccable rings impressing my guest all the more. It’s like she was feeling his energy and then bad boy image he portrayed. But besides that, I had never seen him as a threat. This was compounded by the fact that after the weed got the better part of Kate, she started showing erotica stories on Wattpad. She even disclosed a secret to me… That weed makes her very horny. It was past 1am when I get hard the most and here she was torturing me with erotic stories. Since I knew it was leading no where I expressed my desire to sleep. She wasn’t having it and asked if we had porn. Even before I interjected, my host Elvo said he had like 1gb of porn on his laptop. I saw Kate’s face lit up. For a second year to suggest for two fourth years that we watch porn together like a movie looked and felt inappropriate and I wished them good night and threw my weight on the couch after changing and betrayed the fact that the house wasn’t really mine. I’m not sure it mattered though. She got kinda disappointed and she shifted to the bed. The deejay was concluding his impressive set to switch to watching porn. It was past 2am now. And I slept.
I woke up at around 6:30am and there they were sleeping. At least they were fully clothed. How my nigga wasted that chance that night I don’t know. Not that I would have been happy to have done all the hard work only for him to pluck her feathers before me though.

Okay, he may not have ferked her that night but two days later the two became an item. As a guy we shared a room, he was well aware of my intense desire and lust for that girl. I am not sure whether he knew his new girlfriend had been flirting with me but I let it pass and had no ill feelings against their union. My self esteem kinda took a dip considering I had always underestimated the guy. Plus low key I felt the young lady had taken me for a ride judging by swift she switched up on me. All in all, I accepted but promised myself to revisit at a later date. I avoided Kate as much as I could since then because everytime we bumped it was like we were the ones dating. Teasing and shit. Being a good friend to my host who later developed into a roommate, I didn’t want to jeopardize what they had.

Their relationship lasted up until July but Elvo was left in it. You know dudes who catch a feeling when their ex is spotted with a dude and get melodramatic in whimsically, Elvo is that type. Almost three months later, he hasn’t moved on.
So it happened that like three weeks ago he invited a mbitchez over quite late in the night and my other usual alternative for place to sleep whenever exile comes knocking was ferking a maliar also. Left with no other option and with midnight approaching, I went and knocked at Kate’s. We had not spoken for some weeks. I explained to her my woes and begged her to let me use her floor for that one night alone. She smiled and told me provided i didn’t make it a habit she was okay with it.
Mimi huyoooo… I went and bought joints from a plug living within. Swift as I could, I came back. She was in a long tee shirt. Opened the door for me and went back to the bed almost immediately where she was watching something on her laptop.
Mimi nikajipa shughuli na simu kwa plastic chair but before long Elvo akanicall kuuliza kama nimeget place ya kudoze and I told him at Kate’s. Wah! Nigga came very fast ati anadai kuomba water bottle na ilikuwa past midnight. Kumbe the girl he invited alikuwa ananyesha. Nigga had exiled me only to baby sleep.
After Elvo ameishia dem akazima lights. Na mimi nikawasha kidrug.
I passed it on to her without her asking and she didn’t object. Saio lamboka ilikuwa inavibrate ndani ya boxer wacha tu.
No sooner had she passed it on back to me nikaona amejifunika and some seconds later she threw her bra and panties to the floor in quick succession. She handed me the laptop and slept. Normally, girls just be faking sleep and waiting on your move. In my mind I was sure it was a done deal but I had to let the weed kick in first lest she started to bring up story za Elvo. Such killjoys are a turn off. Plus there was an extra mattress and I didn’t want to be told to sleep there.
Once I was certain she was feeling the weed I waited for one more hour just sitted chatting with them other hoes to let her horny levels plummet.

Then I tapped her and asked her if I could join her. She didn’t talk. Just moved to the side of the wall. Good luck it was not such a wide bed so shortly after I had joined her, I pretended to accidentally grope her then withdrew my groin. Then again. We were in a spooning position. Then I realized she had arched her ass Kiasi. At this point, my dick was demanding for freedom, pulsating beneath my thick jeans. I gently moved my palm over her ass and heard her gasp for breath. I didn’t lift the tee shirt just yet. I am a voyeur. I just let my mind ran wild with imagination…how her pussy lips might look like and how my first thrust would feel like. I ran my warm fingers down her outer thighs right up to her ankle. I almost tickled her heels. All this time no one had spoken a word and she was playing along you’d be forgiven to think she was unconscious but for her audible rapid short breaths .

Then while I was starting to bring my fingers up her thighs she grabbed my hand and moved it and then turned around to face me. For a moment I was confused.
“Wewe ni rafiki mbaya.” she said.
Before I could mutter something she brought her lips in contact with mine. Due to the weed mine were a little dry so I slipped my tongue out while separating her lips. Once our lips were moist, I slipped mine against hers sexily biting and sucking at her lower lip. And then I paused midway. I wanted to torment her with desire. I hopped out of the bed and pulled down my jeans within split seconds. Left with only my boxers and with my manhood aching for liberty, I slid back into the bed like an eel into water.
I positioned myself over her with both her legs together in between mine.
Still with her tee shirt on, I rolled over my arms over her tummy stroking her in a rhythmic motion. Her perky breasts had become firm with arousal and her nipples were upright so I brushed over them with my thumb sending spasms of ecstasy all over her body.
I kissed her like she’d never known. She then lifted her upper body such that I removed her tee shirt for the first time revealing her boobs and beautiful pussy. Soon as I was done she rolled me over now that she was on top fully naked in all her glory. My mind had already been poisoned. I wanted to do to her things. But she was on top so I let her be. Just below my umbilical cord she smeared me with her wetness…oh lord. And then she slid down my boxers slowly while admiring the longevity and girth. She even wondered aloud whether it would fit in her mouth… It happens sometimes. Regardless, she went on to take half my length in her mouth. So expertly did she do it that I had to stop her lest I climaxed too early. I really wanted to return the favor but she couldn’t wait any longer. She insisted on riding the pony.
She slid one finger in her pussy then brought it to my mouth to taste and while at it she directed my cock into her hole. It was as tight as I had expected and I must say she was very sweet. I could feel creamy juices flowing down my balls. We came at the same time for the first round within ten minutes of her riding me. I was almost levitating. We lay there soaking in the niceness and for a moment I wished the hands of time were frozen.
Next round was even hotter… I really brought my A game this time. She tapped out. Our bodies were soaking wet with sweat and while going for a glass of water she staggered a little bit and mumbled some incoherent unintelligible words. Good dick can make bitches speak in tongues I swear. Real stuff.
Before she collapsed on top of me she told me she had never in her life experienced what she had that night. I even became babe real quick.
Nevertheless, around 4:30am she woke me up for more dick. I whisked her off to her balcony and arched her ass to me. I spanked it twice then spread her ass cheeks then let my erect cock find its way into her while taking in the panoramic view that her balcony had to offer. Her pussy was soaking wet with cream as I adjusted my thrust speed alternating slow, mid tempo and high to her suit. I broke her off that morning.
Since then I have found myself going to her house every chance I get. It’s like I’m addicted to her pussy and she to my dick. Last week she even threatened to come for me if I didn’t go to her.
In between I have dryfryed other bitches but none can compare to what Kate offers. I hope she hasn’t cast a spell on me.
The whole thing was supposed to be a secret considering my friend Elvo is a drama king but somehow last week on Thursday after I lied about going to the club it seems someone snitched on me. The guy came knocking at Kate’s late in the wee hours of the morning. No one opened and he gave up.
Funny enough he didn’t confront me as I had anticipated but has been bothering the young lady incessantly over the same.

Point remains, I’m addicted to that pussy.

Very very very interesting read

Poa sana.

My daughter will commute every day to campus from home. Thank you very much for helping me make up my mind. She ain’t living on campus.

No ferking way.

Good hekaya but where is the condom? This Ktalk stranger cares.

just wondering the same

:rolleyes: ooh juja… the weed. I think it used to make us forget the absence of women.

Or rather, give us courage to go hunting in KU or thika.

Tonton.macoute ni nini?

Mine too sigwes mruhusu hostel.

Haitian special branch Enzi ya papa na baby duvalier


Panoramic view at 4 am…and no condom with a chick that was sleeping with a DJ you’d underestimated…
Hiyo sasa ni hekaya kweli!

@Miss Finest Wine I’m back

Must have been a different era… Girls are unlimited these days

I am a dry fry prince… Can’t remember last time I used a cd… But I don’t fuck hoes.

No one is safe. She’ll be enticed by the glam outside

I won’t be giving y’all nothing less. Thanks

Twas back in '07. Clearly a different era. If you stood at the main cafteria, it was niggas all the way to hall six save for a few overall cladded mamacitas. During our freshman bash, kuna nigga alislide behind a nigga with dreadlocks thinking it was a mamacita. :D:D

Tough times:(

Tough times indeed
You should come visit and safisha mecho for old times sake

I am clapping so hard darling Diablo. Welcome home to hekaya page. Wacha nisome kwanza so that I can toa maoni. Welcome back usiende tena. We need you all, all those that write.

@Diablo tells us what goes on in Uni. I stayed for a year and hell oh hell…ooooooooooh hell…impromptu parties in a room and guys and dolls piling on each other. My niece is doing her exams at Kianda now and her Paros are torn between akae huko ama akuje huku. I am torn too as she has told me how she and her friends drink at sleepovers. And I know very well that it is so true. We drunk quite a bit in my childhood huko Redhill where some trusted Paros left us alone.
@karema-hiti wacha afanye first degree in Kenya and while
staying at home. Buy her a car. That is the advice I have given my Sis and hubby. Else geitheka mwana witu. Na atee gutire na elections on my birthday is what Mum is telling me?

What happens is that young ladies are stripped of their innocence.