Yep I agree. vvv easy. I would prolly be a Mum, single Mum had I stayed at those Unis.

No thayû mwingî ngoro na gueterera gîthurano tûinûkie guuka joshua.
She loves motor bikes, I may get her one.
Happy birthday in advance…:):slight_smile:

@Miss Finest Wine when is your birthday?

we will ferk her right in your house… and still you won’t know shieeeet

Thank you darling. BTW a motor bike on those roads? weee apana. I knocked someone hapo karibu na MP Shah as pedestrians believe the roads belong to them too. I was nearly beaten up. Had to get into the car and zoom off. I have never driven again in Kenya. Guka no muhaka ainuke, niatutigithie. Shindwe yeye.

Morrows…I normally don’t bother with celebrations but nimekimbizwa sana raondi hii by friends about hanging out on Sato sooooo nitakuwa kule Thatched House shaking and grinding my old bones. DJ ajuee tunakuja and we like old school 80’s collection with a bit of grime by kina Stormzy and his ilk. Wacha nichecki kama DJ George ako shift. I feel really old now.

A thread should be established in your honor.

Wooooooi apana noooo sitaki attention…hata saa hii I have been chased sana by my ngeofriends. I know they will embarass me kiasi huko with those balloons NKT and everyone will know how old I am:(:(:):D:D:D:Don the funny side, I told my Mum that election day is my birthday. Keywords REMINDED HER. She had no idea. Ashindwe sana. Last year I happened to be in Jamu. Was staying in my Sista’s house so went home …as I had some goodies for her prayer partners…haki she did not even say happy birthday. Kitu 3 o’clock hivi I said ‘Mummy nduri uranjira happy birthday’…she said ‘kari birthday yaku’…I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Mashida za kuzaa watoi wengi.