Accident Blue Post earlier in the Day


The driver was running while inside the vehicle??? Osungu jamaneni.


Where is that grammatical error?

Osungu aside, that’s a terrible way to die. I guess the speeds cops were chasing him.


The thought of kutoboka 30k na shule zinafunguliwa was too much jamaa akaamua to take his chances

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When he says the driver was running, this is what comes to mind
I think it is highly improbable for one to do that while driving a vehicle.


Run, flee, speed away, drive off, what does it matter if you get what the one who posted that tweet meant. This osungu nonsense is getting a little out of hand.


Iyo kizungu iko sawa 100%

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Your opinion, which you’re wholly entitled to.

kijanaa tu too bad

You’re 100% wrong.

So the guy flew from the vehicle, kweli 1,000 ways to die.

I don’t get how the heck the event unfolded. Tafasary! Osungu.gif

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yaani the guy was thrown right out of the car and landed on the concrete below? Kifo was really after him!

And to imagine he woke up normally in the morning


that was a stupid thing to do, you can’t dare death and get away lightly.

ona kiatu imetoka tena !