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theory proven?

sad,you should see how guys hepa alco blow kwa super highway just to avoid paying 30k fine



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the irony of life…reminds me of a slogan i heard a long time ago…“Speed(?) is nothing without control.”

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So the guy decided to go for a swim but landed on the concrete, too bad
…This reminds us that human life is very fragile like an egg…at moments like this when death stalks we are faced with questions like 'are we humans just a bag of bones and meat or are we more than this flesh ? do we have souls that live on after death ?

Hili gari ni la aina ya mitsubishi colt ralliart turbo (takes 7 secs to hit 100km/hr)… Dude knew his car has top speed but forgot he ain’t a rally driver. Kwa kweli maji ukiyavulia nguo sharti uyaoge.


By the way this theory ya kiatu kutoka is real…so if you dont wanna die in some freak accident invest in some knee-length boots with very tough laces


Its a case of laws and their execution that lead to more danger than than safety. Overspeeding is a misdemeanor but the consequencies under our laws are too punitive. Where do you get 30k or even 10k to bribe the blood suckers, the time wasted negotiating with them and in addition to putting your job on the line. Now imagine you are on a drivers salary. Im sure many of us would take the chance ro run for it if we thought we had the chance. It is my opinion that a system should be devised to track your driving offences and graduating the fines with repeated offences. For a country that boasts to being a technological hub, its a shame that we hold ugly manual red books for driving licences.


What is so wrong with following the Law?

You are still caught up in the colonial mindset that makes you unconsciously think that Rules and Regulations are made to Punish you.
Following Rules is what defines and distinguishes us from Animals.
I will say it again - It is amazing how well life flows when everyone strives to follow the Rules and uphold the Law;it is the only difference between Africans and the Mzungu - Mhenga @Ka-Buda 2015.

IGNORANCE ,POVERTY and DISEASE. - Need i say more?


Thats easier said than done. We are human and breaking the law happens. The laws are supposed to protect us and not to enrich a few lousy souls. No one likes to deal with cops in kenya because their word is law. If a cop says you were speeding yet you were’nt then you are done. Its your word against his and his is law. Then they usually set the speed gun guy where there is an incline. I dont find that objective at all. Its manipulative justice. In other words, when they rise up they dont go to enforce the law but rather to extort bribes from kenyans. Its repugnant


In this very same forum, I have told quite a few guys to drive sensibly on that road when they start asking ‘watu wa speed wako wapi?’. Am sure you have seen them too.

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just realised i know the victim,sad he has such a young family

I saw another colt similar color on a popular fb page kwani what’s happening I remember the days I used to drive like that, fast car, the adrenaline rush, quite addictive then I lost a pal in freak crash along kericho-nakuja highway.


kweli life is short…huyo mtu in the morning hakuwa anajua it was his last day:( stay safe

By the way this is the second colt, there is one that has been nyamaaing subarus dont know if it is the one

life as it is

Was it the one on sale, like a month ago? I think being a really good driver is a talent. And I am talking about real driving not doing doughnuts and burnouts(those belong in a circus) it’s about being one with a car, just like a woman listening and responding to what she can take/handle.

I think the one that was on sale about a month ago was owned by some Indian/Asian guy it was also a Ralliart

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There is a strange saying along Jogoo Road whenever a pedestrian is hit by a car; “Kiatu imetoka?” meaning that if someone has been hit till a shoe comes off then there is no hope!

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Sad that a life was lost needlessly. I still remember a few years back when these so-called punitive amendments to the traffic act were passed. Almost to a man, all private motorists were united in support for the same, ostensibly because they would tame the perceived errant matatu drivers, forgetting one small fact: matatus make a small number of the total vehicle population in the republic.