This again. Yes a girl’s past matters to a guy when considering her for a long-term relationship, and here’s why it should:

  • nobody wants to treat somebody else whore like a princess. would you pay full price for a liter of milk if the store gave away free milk to everyone else?
  • past behavior predicts future behavior and nobody wants to be dating a whore who could cheat at any moment, think of the number of men raising kids who are not his own.
  • for every partner a girl has her capacity to emotional bond to that partner decreases so if you want a girl to fall deeply in love with you her past sexual history should be thin
  • the more partners a girl has the more likely she is to have baggage, aka lingering feelings, past lovers coming out of nowhere to threaten your relationship, conflicting relationships in social circles you have to deal with
  • STD risk and ensuing infertility potential.
  • A girls sexual past shows her general character and emotional stability. Did she rebound by f*cking guys? Did she seek out a lot of bad boys, older men, rich guys, whatever? Does she use guys for validation because she has a hole in her soul? These things matter.

Whores, feminists, and whore and feminists defenders will blame society, male insecurity, religion, etc. and refuse to accept the fact that men have a biological imperative to not bond with sluts over the long-term, and for evidence of you need to look no further than the fact that women lie about their “number” so as to remain competitive in the sexual (wife) marketplace.
A lot of moneyed beta males here will happily date sluts, pay for their up keep and the whore will still end up cheating on him. while sisi tuko kwa bedsitter tunatoa virginity 18/19 year old girls without spending a dime.

For a short term fling or one night stand, sexual history is negligible beyond std risk. wrap it up.
Just to add up my 21 year old fuck buddy has admitted having slept with 48 men am 49… time to get a new one.

You are so full of hatred for ALL women that your description of them is as sluts, whores, etc.

Yet you boast thus:

So, who creates the ‘whores’ and ‘sluts’? Who lacks discipline, self respect and the strength to deal with women intellectually and not always as sexual challenges? If you have a mother and sisters, poor them.

Brarry half-a-male bonobobonoko!

Tulipewa formula ya long lasting relationships zamani:

successful man+virgin woman = long lasting marriage guaranteed

However this formula has been thrown out of the window zamani on a social level, so instead of wishing for the “good old days” that are never coming back, just learn the new game and adapt.

why are there men raising kids who are not their own in this era of DNA technology?unless ni stepchild na umeadopt…

ati women intellectually hehehe you have not dated enough to figure them out, did you know the shift in currency will cause 1.2% deflation of the kenya shilling? go discuss that with a woman and tell me how it goes.

I figured out the modern system and i hacked it i take them young.

Formula ku determine body count ni gani?

Alpha male mwitu niaje?

Female circumcision was practiced by many cultures worldwide for a reason, no man wanted to raise children that were not his own - a circumcised females sexual urge diminishes greatly and the chances of her cheating are greatly reduced

In this day and age of sexual redemption, sexual freedom, all you can do is pray your wife does not cheat , but the truth is she will more likely than not cheat

this is not by default but rather by design
information received breeds perception , perception becomes behavior
all the sexual content in the media is not a coincidence

the good news is that you can be rest assured the same technology that gave women their sexual freedom also makes them accountable for their actions, chances of you raising another mans child unknowingly are very low
but you still have to deal with the idea of another man giving pleasure to your wife
you also have to deal with an increased probability of catching an incurable sexual infection

welcome to the establishments agenda
the family setting is slowly coming to an end

makes sense why current relationships never work. Sluts all the way…

Any man born after 1980 has no choice but embrace eternal bachelorhood if u really love your peace of mind. Kama unataka watoto itabidi umetafuta njia ya kuwatafuta without settling down wit this hoes. In a day and age of social media theatrics, u can bet lazima utamangiwa bibi at some point. GUARANTEED!

The bigger claims to be a serial harvester of virgins who become whores and ‘sluts’ after that. :smiley:

And male sluts all over the place poking holes in anything above 7 degrees.

nature … they’re wired that way

Think of it this way , JAGUAR is a moneyed celebrity but was played by the alleged lanye called NG’ANGA and many other b*tches … ng’ang’a monkey branched while the others went to alpha males… YES , GET THEM YOUNG coz body count is somehow acceptable even though bado iko juu as compared to 20 years ago…

Do not try to generalise your half-a-male wiring.

The majority of us respect our mothers and sisters, the women we work with as well as those we’re intimate with. To you, they are warm-blooded fuck-dolls and ‘sluts’ once you’ve had your fill.

AMG members can’t relate,pump and dump…Mimi sio KWS,so I don’t keep wild birds/ animals

AMG members sleep 9 hours a night juu hawana worries ya kunguru kumtoka

Dude, you’re so blue pilled I bet your piss is blue. You still think women are victims and we men are the villains? You got it backward. Women are the fucking villains. Emotionally unstable, conniving, manipulative, and destructive villains. And FYI, using mothers and sisters to try to tell men how all women are special and how they deserve our respect and perpetual worship is a preserve for shallow and dumb female radicals. It’s beyond embarrassing to see a man use the same stupid analogy. Besides, just because your sister or mother is good to you doesn’t mean that she isn’t a soul-sucking cunt to another man somewhere. Also, you can’t deal with women “intellectually.” They are irrational and emotional beings whose primary thought process is based on emotion, not intellect or logic. The day you realize these facts is the day you’ll realize how stupid this argument you put up today sounds.

If you think you are taking a 18/19 year olds virginity you are an idiot and your penis is small.

All this is vanity. Si ati utakufa if you dont get a sensible woman. You only need a few coins to lure them and pump them with your seed anyway! Overthinking gets you Ulcers and life is too short for lifestyle diseases