kusoma mileage kwa odometer

Typical , i am convinced wengi wenye ni wankers including the owner of this post.

yeah, it do matter only when aguy is considering marriage. hizi siku zingine you just have a weekend of fun na kusonga

Away with the beta male, alpha male argument. There are a few things you shouldn’t do if you are a self respecting man.

  1. If you have made a decision to bang or keep a female, why keep obsessing on who was there before you? Issues na mileage only arise when you are an insecure sissy, who is afraid you may not measure up to people who came before you. Gain some confidence and probably get a dick enlargement while at it, insecurities will kill you.

  2. Do not solely handle the finances in a relationship. Split the bills half, ama at least let her cater for a quarter of the bills. You are in a relationship, and both parties should contribute to making it work. Anybody who wants you to take all the bills needs you for her financial needs, and will have no problems finding somebody to cater for her other needs.

  3. Kama wewe Ni billionaire and you want to get hitched, insist on a prenup. Put no properties under your partner’s name, not unless they are acquired jointly. Otherwise, any small argument you have increases your chances of a premature death

  4. Know your self worth. Why should you be obsessed with the idea that every female you get will get fucked behind your back. Hizo Ni insecurities zako playing a trick on you. Once you are insecure and a sissy, you become unattractive and a woman will most likely stay with you for your resources, and find a confident man to fuck. Kama you know your self worth, a woman cheating on you becomes a non issue, since you can easily find a replacement, and the cycle can continue forever.

look at one of my old threads i explained it in detail

Kuna some are good in hiding but utajua and you will feel that waru kwa throat hahaha