700 Dead Africans

It is really sad that our people have to drown in the Mediterranean as they try to cross over to Europe. It kind of reminds me the countless Ethiopians who are arrested in Kenya while on transit to South Africa.

[URL=‘http://www.namibian.com.na/indexx.php?category_id=1&id=25728&page_type=story_detail’]As many as 700 migrants were feared drowned Sunday after their packed boat capsized off Libya in what was described as the deadliest such disaster to date in the Mediterranean.
The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and Italy’s coastguard said only 28 people had survived the wreck. Their testimonies suggested there had been about 700 people on board the 20-metre fishing boat, officials said.

“It seems we are looking at the worst massacre ever seen in the Mediterranean,” UNHCR spokeswoman Carlotta Sami said.

The Maltese navy said it had received an alert about the stricken vessel around midnight (22h00 GMT) on Saturday.

The vessel was about 126 km off the Libyan coast and 177 km south of the Italian island of Lampedusa when it issued a distress call, Italy’s coastguard said.[/URL]

pole kwao, but why do africans think that life majuu ni heaven, kuna opportunities mingi sana africa.


In all this i also sense a lack of contentment, some of these people can earn some meager wages back at home and manage to survive, but they don’t want that, they want the high life promised by going abroad and are willing to take the risk.Likewise to hawa watu huenda middle east, kenya iko kazi if you’re willing to take what comes your way and ready to work hard, but some just don’t want that, they want the high life.

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Those traffickers must be making alot of money…only a fraction yya hawa waafrica die en route

if europe had left gaddafi alone hii shida haingekuwa to this extent

Elsewhere I read of a Bangladeshi survivor from that tragedy so I wouldn’t say they were all Africans.
It’s sad that people have so little value for their lives.

Desperation is much worse than AIDS it makes its victims do things that even the madmen will not dare.

Very true. Some of the people who use Libya to cross the Mediterranean come from Syria and Iraq due to the effects of ISIS and war.

Actually the majority are from west Africa. They cross the terrible Sahara only to die like cockroaches in the sea and they pay a lot of money for that ordeal.

the black man once again proving that the destiny of his life apart from God is controlled by the white man. Just one of the many reasons that requires us to elevate our black people to avoid this embarrassment of chasing after our enslavers

this one is complicated. guys like Zinedine Zidane, Nasri, Bacary Sagna and many others are descendants of Africans who fled the continent. sometimes it is not about the guy in the boat but rather the next generations. this is not to say that Africans who remained did not make it big- we have the Toures, Song and many others. and that’s just the football sector. to put it simply, europe offers better chances for talent and intelligence that Africans possess than Africa itself. and that is a tragedy


Anothee distress call made from another boat this one carrying 300

But their parents did not go to Europe using rafts because visa laws were not as strict as they are now. If a ship docked in most African ports offering people a chance to be slaves in Europe and N. America, many would board them willingly.


Where does personal responsibility end? This is not like when the misleading job agencies that recruit gals from rural Kenya for jobs in the Middle East only for the girls to realise they have been sold to slavery. In those cases I truly sympathise with the girls.
But when you’re sneaking into another country illegally and going there by the most dangerous means possible, I find it hard to not blame you for your own demise. It’s just like those who frequent brothels and catch something dangerous. It’s nobody’s fault but their own

Afrika gani hii na wakienda S.A wanauliwa?:frowning:

Much as there are some genuine refugees from places like Syria and Livya, theres also an element of human trafficking in a majority of these cases.

In one of the exposés I’ve seen on int’l media, some of the traffickers will overload their human cargo in some rickety boats after picketing the money then simply push it out into the open sea where they’re left to fend for themselves.

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They’ve mentioned countries as varied as Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Niger, Mauritania, Nigeria, Libya, Eritrea, Syria, etc.

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That’s a depressing picture man.:frowning:

ION, ulipata mtu wa kukushika mkono kukusaidia kuvuka barabara za jijini?:smiley:

Hiyo overcrowding iko hapo ni noma. I am sure there are people who suffocate and die before reaching the European coast.