700 Dead Africans

The EU last year ceased their search and rescue operations in the hope that this would deter such immigrants. Well, it hasn’t. Instead Italy, Malta, Cyprus and such nearby European countries have been left to shoulder the burden on their own. I’ve heard in the news that they’re meeting to plan a review of this policy.

haaaaa hio ni kali mblo even civil servants will grab best spots…

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Yaani these people actually pay money for this ordeal is it really that bad in africa? Kwani hiyo ulaya kuna nini hatuna hapa?

I always wonder hiyo pesa wao hulipa hua mob sana even 5000 dollars, that is enough to get one going in Africa

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Not 700, more than 900 lost their lives - only last weekend.

I’m sure watu wa majuu kina kabuda wanaulizwa maswali mengi sana kuhusu africa na hawewezi kujitetea juu evidence ya how bad it is ni mob sana…sio s.a sio wengine kufa waki hepa

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By the time I was going to bed last night, all int’l media was talking of at least 950 dead. Apparently they got excited upon seeing a boat coming towards them, moved to one side of their own boat which then lost balance and capsized.:frowning:

The cash doesn’t come from their own pockets per sé, rather it’s a communal effort in much the same way some of us went to school/college via harambee.

A family often sells their most precious assets (land & cattle) and sends one of their own on the voyage in the hopes that akifika (s)he’ll earn enough to support them.

If that is the case then its understandable, ukiweka biashara with that money the same community will loot it or expect free services since walichanga

We are too busy killing each other based on stupid things like belonging to a different tribe and other nations are too busy taking our vast resources.

It is very easy for Kenyans to sit behind their computers and talk about other desperate Africans from a third party position because things are not as bad in Kenya as they are in the rest of Africa/middle East and they probably never will be.
I have met,lived and worked with people from all over the world as an immigrant in Europe and the only thing i learnt was how lucky i was to have made the choice to travel and settle majuu and the fact that i had the luxury of deciding that i could go back to a relatively safe country whenever i wanted.
As human beings we have a need and requirement for basic needs like food,shelter and water but as soon as these are met the next big human need is Dignity.
For anyone to give up their dignity and get onto a boat sailing for an unknown destination or fate,the most common needs are lacking for them and their offspring.
Alot of Kenyans will never understand this.
I was watching BBC lunchtime news and all the EU foreign ministers are meeting as itype this discussing this issue that has claimed more lives than the titanic did,this year alone.
The best thing i heard from the BBC reporter was what somebody here just highlighted; Since Gddaffi was toppled from power and since the Spring rising in Egypt ,the number of people making this desperate sailing has gone up by 400%.
Dont forget that all these sailings originate from these two countries and dont pretend that you dont know who caused the instability in these two countries.
Ni hayo tu but for anyone with bundles to waste skiza hii maneno yote as prophesied by the King of Kings Emperor Halle Sellasie at United Nations conference and as later narrated word for word by Bob Marley in the song “War”
This is where it all starts and ends.



hapo umenena @Ka-Buda we all know who caused the instability it is also true that we in kenya dont have it that bad…nairobi ilikulemea u can always go back to ocha for most most of us mimi pia nilikuwa ulaya nanikaamua kurudi nyumbani most of my friends from other parts of the world did not have that easy a chance when things got thick

this will continue till the west stops manipulating other countries politics for their gain. Those revolutions they initiate have never made any country better

they only manipulate because we let them to…

But not all countries are facing revolutions. Some countries such as Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria are politically stable and it baffles me why people would choose to risk their lives like that.

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it is greed, these guys have a mentality that majuu is heaven. People always want the easy way to make it in life even if it means putting their lives in danger.

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Some are really desperate while others are just dumb. if you were in libya, iraq or syria right now you would be shitting yourself in fear of getting shot or beheaded and would rather die running away. For majority though its small brains. Most people trying to cross the sea, even those who have been to school, are totally ignorant of international immigration laws. Some think that to live in a foreign country you just need to get there by whatever means. Others dont even know they are crossing to new countries or continents and know nothing in geography. A good number are not even aware that the activity is illegal and that you dont try to navigate deep seas on a fuckin overloaded boat. A good number are also not aware that people are drowning trying to cross that sea. A little brain washing by the organisers is also doing some magic

Lately, I have found people who have gone through school but dont know whether the US is in america or europe. They know of obama, but arent sure whether he is american or not, or what he does. To some people, there is america and US in different places and all white people are American. Its not just us, a good number of US citizens think that america refers to US and some actually dont know that mexico is a sovereign country. Other americans dont know that europe and other places are far off across the sea.

And to a good number, the internet is one huge application operated by some unitary entity. After all, you cannot see the boundaries.


@Ingia, you are right, many US citizens do not know where Europe is, which countries belong to Europe, they also do not know anything about Africa. They also are very astonished that other parts in this world also know washing machines, dishwascher and so on. The American stupity is legendary.

Off topic: On the other side, many of the Kenyan students, my organisation is supporting in their university studies, think that Obama is a Kenyan. No, he is a true American, he only was spawned by a Kenyan - nothing else.

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@Ingia and @Breizh , it’s not just Americans and Kenyans who don’t know anything beyond their backyard. That’s like the trend nowadays. Even some of the learned people have got no idea. I guess interest and passion matters.

Very true. Hapa hapa kwetu kuna wakenya wasioijua nchi yao.