7 out of 10 richest people are computer programmers, why do people still study law and med?

Wow, this month Zuckerberg became the 3rd richest billionaire dethroning Warren Buffet, and now former software devs are taking the top 3 slots and 7 out of 10 top slots.

Of course, Balmer is not a programmer but all his money was leached off Bill Gates, so counting him as well.

How are Kenyan programmers doing?


it’s not easy as it looks , and most were raised by wealthy parents or were already wealthy !

Most of these were from middle class, not rich families, some are even from lower-middle class families like Larry Ellison, but wealthy children in the US rarely choose to do computer science, ussually they go for Law and MBAs and stuff like that…

Also, this list gets more interesting, [SIZE=6]4 out of the 7 are Jewish!!!, [/SIZE][SIZE=4]i.e Zuckerberg, Ellison, Brin and Balmer… that is just a crazy “coincidence” considering jews form just 2.6% of the US population[/SIZE]

Sasa ukihesabu wale Jews wako kwa top 1000 unapata wako over represented. Rhey are a very tiny minority but they pull a lot of weight.In business in academia kila mahali. I don’t get it

A kenyan becoming a billionaire through software creation will not happen in this generation ,even the next and probably the next after. What you fail to see is that in USA and Europe there is a great investment culture where young ppl with a working software and vision can get millions of dollars from venture capitalist and banks.
Now imagine a fresh Kenyan graduate let alone a dropout going to banks or billionaires asking for millions of shillings in investments to run a software that has potential to grow in a couple of years. These graduates will be kicked out very fast.

But the millions of dollars that google,yahoo and amazon needed to run their business came from venture capitalists.

Because not everyone is interested in being a programmer. Not everyone is interested in being the richest person on earth, many factors besides money motivate people.

Now you know why hitler wanted to eliminate them, programming is the new thing just like archtecture was in 18th century. Soon it will be paying like any other career, I noticed nowadays even stastiticians need to have some basics in coding. Then a new thing will emerge and pioneers will make billions

Except it looks the future is very much interlocked with tech, and tech is getting into all industries, AI is still making baby steps, these jews can see 2 decades ahead, Brin’s AI is literally watching this thread (google search bot)

Because they know the graduate asking for the cash is an empty head with big papers. As I explained previously, the banks know you are the product of a failed education system. They are aware of your many shortcomings and they would never risk that much money on the product of a poor education system. The amount of trust and faith you are asking for would be better spent moving mountains. Literally moving mountains like a jedi, than giving you that much money given the failed education system from which you were born.

They know that from history and experience, most of the funds will be diverted and will end up building flats in Kiambu Road

Why is everyone obsessed with Brin? Page was the guy doing all the heavy lifting in crafting that pageRank algo btw.

I wont call them programmers any more but business magnates.

source? it was 50-50 from what i have read

Culture matters. The contrast between Maskovitz, Zuckerberg, Saverin and goyim Chris Hughes tells you everything you need to know about “jewish” success. On one hand you have a driven guy like Mark that will do anything to succeed even if it means short changing a fellow jew like Saverin as well as scheming his way into consolidating and monopolising all social media companies on the web and selling your data too while pretending to be a tree hugging liberal whose intent is to bring people together. On the other hand, you have the gey nigga ,Chris Hughes, who had the perfect opportunity to become a billionaire but chose to invest his proceedings from Facebook into buying a failing ‘liberal’ newspaper, The Nation. All he ever wanted with his life was to own a failing newspaper so as to pontificate his morals to deplorables. Gates Millenium Scholars Program excludes lower class whites(deplorables). Balmer funds Jewish National Fund.

Nah :D:D. Brin joined Page. Page won Marconi prize for it not Brin.

Sergey Brin, a fellow Stanford PhD student, would soon join Page’s research project, nicknamed “BackRub.”

It’s named after Larry page.

Jeff Bezos doesn’t know anything about writing code. Like Steve Jobs he’s a smart businessman who hires smart programmers to work for him. Larry Ellison wrote some basic code in the early days of Oracle, but he’s more of a marketing guru than a programmer.

I don’t understand what you mean. Locally, there is no sector minting more millionaires in Kenya than the technology sector.
Here are a few Kenyans who have successfully raised over Kshs 1bn for their tech businesses

  1. Ken Njoroge Cellulant
  2. Mike Macharia SevenSeas
  3. Meshack Alloys Sendy
  4. Sam Gikandi and Eston Kimani, AfricasTalking
  5. Julian Kyula, Mode.

Now a mix of billionaires and those on their way there

  1. Danson Muchemi. Jambopay
  2. Agosta Liko. Pesapal
  3. Philip Nyamwaya. iPay
  4. Eneza Education founders