Quick question.

For those who have dealt with fencing, how many 7 ft posts will it take for me to fence a 5-acre farm given 3-meter spacing? And the approximate length of chicken mesh it will take. You can include the cost it took you as well.

Academic dwarf not capable of simple math detected

Yesu si uhunde makao mbinguni.

I’ve done the calculations, but that’s only theoretical. That’s why I’m asking people who have dealt with it.

:D:DMakao iko ready huko tayari

Show us the math we advise you

You need the total perimeter length in meters sio story za acres hapa. Tafuta futi kamba upime nayo. Then you engage your theoretical maths

Not that costly. Last year, I did fense a one acre which took 80 fencing posts and 4 rolls of seng’en’ge (one roll =4500). What I know is that a 5 acre will be relatively costly if you go the chain link way. A y12 metalic post was around 1100. Fanya hesabu. All the best

Ati? you fenced with Y12 metal posts?

Y12 ndani ya concrete msee, wait Y12 bado ziko

Wa si y12. Hii ya kawaida ni gani? It’s quite common

Sio hio buda

Hii ndio y12

Sure sio hii. The fundi huku was referring to that metal as y11 or something. I had opted for concrete poles but the cement shortages of last year frustrated us.

Swali ngumu, where are you sourcing the posts? Are they pressure treated? What is the shape of shamba?

zinaitwo D[SIZE=1]eformed[/SIZE]. not Y

Your question cannot be answered with precision in the absence of dimensions.

Kama uko na hio shamba enda na futi, pima then do the math.

Chicken mesh?? No need to fence