Not possible. Posts alone add up to 220k. For 7ft posts @380 each

You could by wooden badala ya concrete if you want to save some cash. Halafu panda kei-apple to intertwine with barbed wire

An acre has a perimeter of 256M. 5 acres = 768M.

No. Of posts 768÷3 =256.

Add a few slanting poles that will support the corner king posts.

Bei ya Woden post ni ngapi? 7ft

I recently fenced a 5 acre farm… though was using barbed wire - 6lines…wooden treated poles 7 foot… a concrete base… 10 foot spacing… spent 120k.

Kindly plug the place you found the poles from

Kindly plug the place you found the poles from

Kindly plug the place you found the poles from

ni huko ushago,… bought some indigenous trees(more durable than the eucalyptus ) from some farmer and hired a power-saw to cut them… on average a big strong pole cost me 150shs … would have been 250 shs

Don’t forget the termites. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Tafuta pesa kijana if you need a long lasting fence. wachana na chicken mesh.
did mine for 4 acres in sep 2021 for one of my many farms
spacing 2meters
total posts (concrete) 280 @ 1000 a piece
2.5mm heavy gauge chainlink 50mmx50mm 6ft @11,500 a piece-shamba/wire products -special order
8 rolls barbed wire-super tensile@ 6,500 a piece-shamba/wire products
binding 1 roll 50kg-7,600
labour 48k
cement ,ballast,water etc 30k
total cost- KSHS.708,660

this excludes transport of about 15k and gate 100k

30 years guarantee no repairs

See pic below

Job well done.
Ni Eastern au Coast?.

Good stuff

Chainlink ulitumia pieces ngapi?



are you still interested on the budget…nimefika

Budget already calculated, lakini angusha yako tuone.

Nice Niko na ka 200x200 nataka kufanya hivi then niweke ka greenhouse. I thought of wooden poles but I’ll explore cost of these.

Get a few quotes from local contractors to get a better idea tailored to your specific needs. Good luck with your project!