2019 Olx scam Chapter 1

After reading various hekayas, I’ve decided to tell my own. Sometime late Dec 2018, I bought a single sim Galaxy s8+ from some guy on olx. All was well, used it with my Airtel line and ocassionally gave it to khupipi who used it with her sufferingcon line. Come early January 2019, the phone was stolen from my trouser as I was alighting a citi hoppa at Archives. I tried following up with cops, even with the guy who sold me the phone but it turned out to be a wild goose chase.
Two weeks later, khupipi gets a call from some CIDs, claiming they are following up on a burglary along ngong road, to which we had no clue. So we dismiss+block the numbers. Until they show up at her workplace, with her father (a senior cop) and tell her that her number was used on a stolen device. The CIDs use her to get to me intent on arresting me but I narrate the origin of the phone and told them to take me to their station to record a statement. They suggest I lure the seller so that they arrest and charge him instead. I managed to trace and lure the guy who sold me the phone and they arrest him. We go to KHN police station, two CIDs, the seller, khupipi and her father all crammed into a taxi. At the station we meet the victim of the burglary, a doctor at KNH. Statements are taken, khupipi’s father secures our release and we leave the seller there to negotiate for his liberty with the 5_0 and the complainant, knowing all is settled. But was it?
Days later I am presented with court summons, the charge - handling stolen property.
The seller was nowehere to be seen in court! The CIDs are completely ‘unaware of a seller’, instead alleging that they found me with the stolen phone which I later ‘conveniently discarded’.

So ? Kulienda aje next?

Should have denied everything including ever owning the phone. Hehe.

Kesi kortini. Eventually dismissed for lack of evidence. Mind you cops were trying to extort money in the name of ‘dropping the charges’ before the hearing stage.

[CQUOTE=“Rene Descartes, post: 2942908, member: 2820”]Should have denied everything including ever owning the phone. Hehe.

I toyed with the idea but that meant kuwacha khupipi kwa mataa. Very unwise! Niliamua kufa kama mwanaume bila airbag wala seatbelt

Uko na bahati hukupelekwa ndani kamiti.

Kamiti ni mbali. Remand pale Inda is enough to make anyone who loves their liberty to reconsider life choices!

Ungefikishwa inda ungefunguliwa boot bila lube. You are very lucky.

And that is how I swore off used phones from the online forums. Mtu huambiwa stories za vile watu wamewekwa ndani juu ya stolen gadgets, murder gone wrong etc, unaona kama ni [SIZE=1]ngano cia marimu.[/SIZE] It is a risky gamble.

Wasee wa LOANS ndio wamekipatapata hadi they developed brains. Kuna msee alikaa inda mwaka mzima. Aliachiwa gadget, sold it after haikukujiwa. Murder case soon after it was put on.

Tough luck. Unadhani umeangukia, unaangukiwa!

Watu wamefungwa wengi na hizo simu

That’s a no go zone

Nairobi shamba la mawe


Pole @mein_fuhrer …that must have been a harrowing experience.

@mein_fuhrer Heil @hitler

Online used phone is a no,bailed out my bro a few years back after ashikiwe Simu ya olx,from a robbery with violence,the seller was traced

Tupe hekaya usituwache hivyo

Kama huna pesa Ingia ebay subiri wiki pata simu ya kesi ndogo.