17 years and 23 years of service, gone down the drain.

Hapa works, a Manager and a Supervisor, have been shown the door, after 23 yrs and 17 yrs of service.
It’s AGAINST company policy, for employees to engage in any kind of sexual relationships.
One married a colleague, and the other one, have been getting slices from a co-worker.
If such policies are implemented in .ke, The kenyan Economy will hit a standstill.
The policy is there though, to eliminate favouritism.

whatever happened to adult choices.

That’s an infringement of privacy … :frowning:
There must be an article or a clause somewhere to protect such

Nope, there is non. When u are hired, you agree with terms and conditions.

Two consenting adults?

Who snitched?

how can they prove that the act actually happened?mimi naona kuna wivu mahali,maybe jamaa alidomesticate kuguru ya ceo,maybe

Someone of high power was jealous!

nope, such rules are common in many companies


Allowing relationships in the workplace compromises the business. Confidential information will easily flow in every direction, some individuals will enjoy undue favors, resentment will crop up, and when the relationships become strained, the work environment will be affected.

Soma Policy.


.ke, walk in any organization, snd you realize, a good % of outstanding females, in those organizations, are MWK to the Senior Persons.
Pussy is a powerful tool, for lots of ambitious women, who habor hopes of climbing the cooperate ladder in .ke.
While, in some other jurisdictions, that avenue is being sealed.

U nailed it.


Boss, some things you dont ask for prove, otherwise utapata video kwa hindernet. If you know you are guilty, hapo unajitoa tu. How you explain to wife/husband is another story altogether.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dasande kwa kunichekesha on this drab monday

Kwani huko ni KWFT? Imagine sitting in a boardroom crafting such policy as an income generating agenda is waiting

Compared to Idi Amin, he was a saint.

soma last sentence

Sadly, it’s a reality. No wonder ndengu ndengu types find it hard to scale the ladders of success without that extra individual effort!