17 years and 23 years of service, gone down the drain.

CCTV footage.

Two consenting adults breached the Company Policy.

Do they understand how many families have been created in the work place? Thats too selfish for a company

The story that messed up NMG and other good organisations . People need to come to work for work .

I heard about NMG, kuna Ndume , nearly all the hot females were His.

It’s a crazy situation, but see how it’s impacted on quality of news over time.

A very good example.
Relationships in the workplace should not be encouraged at all at all.

I’ve studied management but chenye sijaielewa na hizi bureaucracy za kampuni ni: Kuma ya mtu na makende ya mwingine zinahusikana aje na balance sheet ya kampuni?? workers wakitaka wakulane bora hawamwagi kwa carpet na kuincrease bill za cleaning.

In the force commissioned officers are not allowed to fratanize with or marry non-commissioned officers and vice versa

commisioned officers ndio wagani?

My reading of that document tells me that it is company policy. It is not a condition “embedded” in the contract of employment. Consensual sexual relations between co-workers is not recognised as a basis for summary dismissal under the Employment Act, 2007. It also seems to me that the employees were not accorded an opportunity to present their defence if any.

Sasa ambia mwajiiri angojee summonses. Law students will be using the determination in their studies decades after the company has been rendered insolvent because of the sheer magnitude of the Court’s award for wrongful termination.

OP ako Trumpistan

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. haya.

Wangethi Mwangi alikuwa wembe, he was even caught in a married woman’s house in Buru, he had to sneak out through the window. Hata Odindo pia hakuwa anawaweka.

Wale huchukuliwa as cadets.

What of aingie kama ashaoa ama ama apate madem ongongo pekee huko? Hii ni upusy mimi I kent manage. Wacha niendelee tu kuumia huku nje

They haven’t banned Miss Palmella!

wamekua wakiTombanner for a combined total ya 40 years alafu wakasetiwa?:eek:

R/ships at work are a No-No. Thats a good policy if implemented itasaidia wengi. Slices omba after 5 at your own peril, lovey dovey shit iishe ukiwa job