1 Bitcoin = $4551.46

Top 15 electronic money.
I think Ripple has great future to rise


following… I’ve been hearing bitcoin may be the next big thing

Bitcoin is on steroids. I have been trading BCT/USDT

Anyone here who does bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies?

Mtu anaisidie na 0.5bitcoins nilipe @Female Perspective…nitakurudishia by 10/09/17

[SIZE=5]0.5 bitcoins[/SIZE] :eek::eek::eek::eek: hio ni enough kuhire ikus ya Female Perspective for a whole 3 months, kwani ni mahari :eek: .


that is about 23K

Dry spell sio mchezo


Mimi Niko na makcrs na nimetulia

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nakupea 30k

Boss huku ukiongea bitcoins unaonekaniwa chizi… Just keep on with Your Good deals and work

The steroids needs to be replenished! BTC is going down! And all the cryptos are following!! It’s like story ya Court Rulling has also affected Bitcoin :slight_smile:

Bitcoin is down -3.9% Altcoins will follow suit. See Ethereum inashuka with almost the same %ge. Ripple has no room. It’s time to sell Altcoins and take advantage of the low price of BTC to buy.

Bitcoin just 4900…that is a new high and basically that tells you that is a point of interest. Currently taking my buys at 4500 from 4000. Holding for 4800 take profit.
Bitcoin is going to crack 10,000 in the next few months or one year.
Current trade running…

@denis young how are you depositing and withdrawing from bittrex? Do they accept Kenyan bank accounts?

Just buy bitcoins and send them to bittrex. To withdraw buy dogecoin since transactions are cheaper. Withdraw to a wallet (coinpot) and convert to bitcoin, then use skrill to convert to fiat.

Ok thanks

No way man
! It will even not hit $5000. It’s gonna drop for a month or so. You will need to hold longer for another bullish. The Steroids are over man. Google and Amazon are coming in big time. This will spike sells. Since everybody is excited to be part of the growth.

Let us see how that goes. Everybody always says that and they are always proved wrong.