1 Bitcoin = $4551.46

Ndio from a 100$ upate 50$

The coins is falling. Pretty fast!

It is quite easy to make money trading on bitcoins, this fall was expected. China made ICO`S illegal. The market is reacting to that announcement and it will recover after a few days. You sell and buy according to the announcements and pocket the difference. Shida ni identifyng the peaks

Bitcoin and Ethereum…

Why not just send to your wallet directly and convert on Skrill ??

Ripple sidhani…Ebu just check the volume of circulating coins and see how much are needed to be bought to cause a spike in price.

Personally, Ethereum (because of EVM and Solidity - Its programming language)

alafu Monero - Because it offers anonymity even more than Bitcoin (so far iv seen over 10 darkweb marketplaces intergrate it for payments).


I have done this severally. I just did a transaction a few minutes ago for 4.63$ and I received 4.43$ using that method. I avoided a 5 dollar fee.

so if I bought bitcoins worth a 1 million at $30 in 2013 , I would be worth Kshs. 150m if i were to sell it now for $4500? Damn

The lowest the coin traded in 2013 was $68.50 July 2013. But practically, the answer to this is YES. You would be a stinking millionaire Today. And that’s why we say, this is the right time to get into this. Like tree planting, the best time to plant a tree was 30yrs ago, the next best time is NOW!!

I invited people to this shit just when it was playing 400$ Hayo maneno nilipata boss ata usiulize… Unaskia kijanaa maliza shule pesa baadae… Oooh am waiting to hear from experts… hehe expert na hakuna mwenye aliwahi post kitu kama hyo if they were experts… Hadi leo mine is whenever i see bitcoins rising…

Umekua guru by now