Zungusha Kiuno!!

Hapa unamwaga hadi vitukuu!!

Hapa vitukuu hawatamwagika, that is just a short fat woman, but I still won’t mind

Halafu ni diamong shape yenye tunataka, if only she had kiuk boobs, hata bone marrow nachanga. Costerian (Tz au Ke)

Bado hajatosha. I have said time and again a lady with a booty needs to look like a car at a sharp corner that has oversteer with independent deferential without possibilities of locking. Mwili ikenda huku tako liko kando trying to keep up, soft, supple, if you sleep nude ukigusa tu kidogo, uncle abdala anakuangalia. These locked diffs need to loose some weight.

In about 10 minutes, @Tom Bayeye will come running with his usual boring gifs looking for love and appreciation from anonymous idiots on the internet.

Kinyozi @Tom Bayeye why are you so lonesone and desperate for love from absolute strangers?



nyama soft visooriiiii

Mluhya niaje?