Faiba . Is it any good? Safaricom home Fiber has become notorious with it’s cuts and I’m thinking of jumping ship.
Anyone using Zuku ?

Zuku is great. Have used it for like 4years and am the kind of guy who has to have the internet to work from morning to evening. Sure, there are cuts once in a while but they are very rare and even when they happen, its like 5 or 10 mins but can go weeks without cuts. Customer support also good. You can complain about something today and if its not sorted on phone and they need to send technical guys over they are sent the next day.

Do yourself a favour and stay with safcon,zuku is 1000 times worse when the problems start.FYI you will never last a month without an outage on ZUKU and it will take them days to fix

Niaje Sister! Umenipotelea sana. Kuja nikununulie soup, niko Cardinal Otunga plaza first floor.

You must be talking about Safcom

Today is one of those days I have to do a million reports because I am pretty good at procrastination when it comes to boring stuff.:frowning:
Raincheck ?

Thats fine with me.

Nope, I havent had an issue as such with zuku in the 4years I have used them. Outages are there ofcourse but its rare. Unless they are unreliable in some areas of Nairobi

Safaricom Ni SHIT! I warned a client against switching akajiona anajua…(he has an office in his 3rd bedroom) akaweka Safcon…sai anashinda kunipigia ati Oh…emails are not popping or going out…oh net iko slow when 3 devices connect…me humcheka…

Zuku is fine…niliwekea Mathe like 6yrs ago na hadi leo ako tu sawa…

Unawesa jaribu ile ya Liquid Telecom

just go to twitter and search for Zuku. uone zile mashida sisi hupata


nauliza aje MM, Safcom wamefanya nini kabla nijipeleke kwa mashida

Hiyo ni game gani unacheza nikuje tucheze CoOp?

Sijawahi kuwa na shida na safcom, hata nilisahau customer care number. Just call them or write on their twitter and they will respond pronto and fix the issue. Safaricom ni kama wako allergic to negative news about their services

I can also vouch for zuku. I rarely get outages, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I had connectivity issues. speeds are as advertised ie you get what you pay for. My pal who is on Safaricom fiber usually has outages every now and then, especially on weekends. Maybe the quality of service you get from Zuku really depends on where you are or maybe it has become fashionable to bash zuku online nowadays.

Mamas boy niaje.

Stay with Safaricom.
I had a 30mbps package with Zuku. I would peak at 3mbps during the day and 300kbps at night.

zuku Can be Shit sometimes but they are still better than the others

Safaricom fiber anytime, for the last 3 years or so we have been using Safaricom business in the office and its only on 2 occassions that the connection was down and the latest being last Friday .The issue was a cable cut by some fundis who were fixing some metal fabrications.I reported the issue at around 5pm and they gave a ticket and the issue was fixed by 10am on saturday morning.

Job natumia JTL, home kwa nyumba ni safcom. Zuku is a no no no.

Just like Taxify and Uber. One’s experience is different. They can both be reliable or not depending on various factors.
I use Safaricom Home.