Zuku users help out

I need to get Zuku the home basic. Do they charge installation I saw something like Ksh 4400, is this per month or what. Couldn’t reach their customer care

per day…and by the way they are increasing the rates on 8th September

Shika hii. Rhoda zuku 0724133057

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just give them a call they will answer all that. Or I can give you the guy who did it for me, their marketing as well as installation guy

Robert ~ 0710313 165

Monga their technical guy/installer ~ 0712 991815

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Afadhali Safaricom fiber

Hakuna any karibu

however for two weeks prior to the elections it was pathetic to say the least. I almost gave safcom a call to get their faiba but then I suspected the security agencies may have been on overdrive leading to that. however, from 8th August after the elections the speeds have comeback to normal.

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Depends on the location.Zuku in Mombasa is doing okay and in my area in Westlands, while we often do face issues, they are not on the same scale as you guys often complain about