Zindzi Kibiku

Ok Ktalk CSI, I want everything you got on this DoI (Dwyfwy of Interest). Chap chap!

I ain’t CSI but she is a good dry fry mattress

Hamna picha???


Anakaa poa sana nikipata HKM


Wash Up??? Is that You, Your Siz, Daughter, Colleague or Friend???

Teren tereeen

Huyo matako yake imemuandika kazi! .…haezi tambua Mafisi juu ya Sponsor-dollars! :smiley:

Tsk tsk

Hawezi fikia my bae shiny eye Muthoni wa mukiri


Your reaction made me think you know her

I will not address that :D.


Meanwhile …
Seen Around and About …




Jinga usituwekee mbicha ya mamboch wamechapaa hapa

What exactly about this Gal says " Mboch" to you …??
And in any case , … [ comparatively ] What does your Woman have that she lacks …???

Chotts firedd