zimebaki huko

There is a primary teacher I know, he loved having sex with any woman in the village, young, old, ugly, beautiful…a certain girl who used to stay in Nairobi appeared in the village, it is well known to everyone she was HIV+ because she went to a clinic to test malaria, but the sneaky nurse dropped some of the blood samples in a HIV testing machine, news spread like wildfire even in neighbouring villages.
This teacher because if not teaching or banging women spend his free time in a Chang’aa den, one time he spotted this sizzling beauty from the city swaying her well rounded buttocks on a road, he approached her and they instantly became compatible, dating begun. Within a week or two, self appointed village prefects summoned the teacher under a mango tree and warned him the consequences of sexing a HIV infected woman, the man would hear none of it, he thought they were jealous of him…in fact he scoffed at them.
On the banging day, the GHC teacher armed himself with condoms, he met the bimbo at an agreed spot in the sugarcanes plantation, they begun kissing and undressing, that teacher remembered the warning he had been given earlier, then excused himself, he rolled on himself the first condom, then he thought the virus can pass through the rolled a second condom, he was now wearing two condoms, went back to kissing and undressing, he started fucking the lass who was moaning in excitement, after cumming the first shot, he pulled out the dick only to realize that condoms were not intact, he was actually banging her nyama kwa nyama…the mwalimu developed madness, he was now walking and saying "Zimebaki huko, zimebaki huko, zimebaki uko’ people were asking themselves nini zimebaki huko, kumbe ni condoms zilibaki huko kwa kuma.

And it’s only the 1st.

can’t you skip the thread if it’s not your favourite cup of tea?your sense of self importance will be your biggest undoing

You don’t tell me what to post and you aren’t the OP unless you are multi handling and oh, follow your own advice and skip my comment if it isn’t your favorite mug of chang’aa.


do you think everybody imbibe changaa like you?

hahaaaaaa zimebaki tu huko

Since it seems you have my history come with your regular handle and stop hiding in a new handle like a coward.Then we can tussle knowing who am engaging.

i am the native son

i thought ni ujinga ilibaki 2017

Sissy fights… Thought zimebaki huko… 2017!!! Smh

I recently learnt my Primary school classteacher is ailing with the virus. He was bad news deflowering and forcing abortions to school girls for many years.
I guess alikula hadi shimo iko na nyoka ikamuuma

no one is fighting i am above that my only wish if you can grant it is to make sweet love to you

Most probably akili mingi zimebaki huko 2017.this year is going to be rough one in this here village.brace yourselves:(:(:(:frowning:

Hekaya kama hizi the best place ni kwa mogoka ama changaa dens. Imagine aliens landing here in the year 2100 and reading this cold shit.

Mimi nimecheka. Chukua like

Zimebaki huko

He he he!
Tulidhani zitabaki huko 2017

When @Mathaais is in anything, it will be sissy

I was in the mugunda thread and you were the one derailing it by bitching like a hoe. That’s worse than being sissy.