Zimbabweans butchered (Gory images)

hahaha $8,600 briefcase? what makes it even more hilarious is reading the kind of features it has for that amount of money… removable ID holder, comfy leather handle two crafted trunk latches

Then you have not been to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, where cycles of revenge by guns carry on for generations to no end. Not everyone has guns in the USA (even though it is a right), it would be a blood bath otherwise. You only need to revisit the Rodney King Riots to understand what might have happened if all those rioting had guns. It only takes a spark to light a volatile out of control fire. In a place like Kenya were mass prosecutions are a non-starter, it would be open killing season. We learned from the 2007 PEV that when the killers are many, prosecutions do not happen.

Hehehe, Bernard Arnault has been mocking rich people for decades. I’m sure he also asks himself why anyone would be stupid enough to buy some of his “luxury” products.

mwafrika ni yule yule. they never learn. they will be ruled by strangers forever, because they kill each other and lack unity.

Nini ya maana Mugabe alikuwa anafanya? Ulikuwa unaishi Zimbabwe or Libya? Guys like being nostalgic just for the sake of it. Same with guys who miss Moi.

We have to be taught how to maintain civillity while owning those firearms too. You cannot just hand that kind of power to people like Kenyans today na hii unemployment. Katanuka sana

Why do we need to convince them?

Sisi Wafrika ni wapumbavu. Most of us are D+ material. Thats why trump said we live in sheet-holes. This upumbavu also happens in Kenya during protests.

Nugu hii. Wewe ni mpumbavu peke yako.

The situation in Zimbabwe is very different from that in Libya. And it is not like Zimbabwe was paradise during Mugabe’s time.

wee ndio mpumbavu wa kwanza D minus material

whats painful is this silly cops have probably gone months without pay !

usiexplainie matumbili,nikama hawajui kusoma ama akili zao zinawork design haiko

If they allow the country to break into anarchy perhaps they will never even have a job, leave alone waiting for a delayed paycheck. It is their dilemma.

Wapi gory images au hujui meaning ya gory?

Admin has removed them

Ka unatrade na ksh we ni slave already… central banks zilikam kutumaliza