Zimbabweans butchered (Gory images)

As I keep saying, africans are cowards. They also don’t value a fellow countryman who is only protesting for fair prices. We are slaves in our own countries. [ATTACH=full]221096[/ATTACH]

put guns in the hands of the people and leaders wata behave…

@digi kwani wewe si mwafrika???

Yes I am an African but I detest how fellow Africans treat their own as we watch

Why are you putting gory images allover

In the title I’ve indicated “gory images” chief

Ni mob tu sana,Mnangagwa anatakaje na raia wake…he still have the ancient way of thinking…hii itamuuma pabaya kama ni ukweli

It becomes increasingly hard to convince Wazungus that Africans are just as intelligent. The fact is, we are at a level where their great great grandfathers were. Still primitive but evolving slowly, staring at our future in their present. If you want to know how Kenya will be 50-100 years from now (except for highly dynamic technology), visit countries like USA, Germany or Singapore. Alternatively, buy a time machine.

The first dead guy with "red"top …hehhe the blood stains looks like a shadow ya karao ako nyuma yake

Yeaaaah…How well has that gone for nations like South Sudan.
Africa is not the United States dude.
Those people will use the guns for personal vendettas.

They wanted Democracy.

Those personal vendettas will level the playing field first

The personal vendettas will be Kikuyus and Kales going full scale massacre on each other,middle and upper income class estates in Nairobi becoming unsafe and Coast and North Eastern declaring independence.

Will be good watu wasizoeane

I like your keen eye

in countries like south sudan its the militia that have guns, most civilians don’t have guns, can’t even afford food guns na ammunition itakuwa ngumu.
Lakini I also believe if guns were easily available for everyone, as in the states I think tungeheshimiana more, because you just cant attack your neighbor you are at the same level, shida ni a few guys have guns and they reign terror on the majority who can’t get into the fight fairly.

Ama alijikojolea sawasawa!

Mnagagwa Ni puppet ya the west, yeye ako hapo to ensure the mineral wealth doesn’t go to China na the west wanampatia military support na dogs of war to ensure he stays in power

hapa nakubaliana na wewe, hapa afrika tumezoeana sana

Huyu Mnangagwa akicheza ata yeye atajipata pabaya, how do you double the price of fuel in an already shitty economy? With the new prices, Zimbabweans are reportedly paying the most for a litre of fuel in the entire world. I don’t know how true this is, but it’s fucked up. In a country where people are struggling to survive, the president can afford to have an $8,600 limited edition Louis Vuitton briefcase. Kwani hii briefcase iko na nini ndio inauzwa karibu 1 million kenya shillings??? Ukirusha blank papers ndani zinajitype?? Does this briefcase formulate government policy?? Anyway, kila mtu akae kwa lane yake.