ze Gunners vs Man united

Top 4 is within reach for these 2 clubs with a rich history. The match is @ 19.30 today. What are your predictions & lineup.

for me arsenal 2 man chieth 1

ps- reason for posting this is to avoid that kimilili watchman from jinxing us with his threads


Tunataka draw…

Kama mbaya Sana 1 nil to #GGMU.

Hotspur Jana walijipeana so tuki win Sisi nao then tungoje kale ka Team ka wakamba ka loose game mmoja meanwhile Toreira red yake inatupatia advantage.

@digi leta odds

Third rate teams…no challenge.

Man u 2 - arsenal 1

Mfike huko msafishwe macho haraka wasee[ATTACH=full]228742[/ATTACH]

hakuna draw my fren