Zari Hassan

So after reading the post by @jameson about diamond and the socialite girlfriend,

I have just done a basic Google search online and discovered that this is a 40 year old mama who btw looks like she is 25 years was married in 2010 to a very rich guy who gave her everything and less than five years down the line she leaves the nigga who once gave her a hummer which she declined ati coz it was too masculine and got a replacement gift of a Mercedes in less than two weeks.

I wonder what is going through Ivan’s head right now akiskia ako na mtoto na Diamond…when he remembers he gave her the world aich bana.

I wanted to categorize women on this but upon thinking through the whole situation…huyu Zari ako kwa class yake pekee yake.

Beauty is a curse.even after kusoma all that bado naona malaika kwa picha, damn she’s good DFHKMBLBHNKN

sasa hii ni maringo excesss kwani ako na nini ya maaana

mileage imechoka 40 years imerun sana

in the meantime DFHKM

Hii kitu ukichapa DFHKM ni ukedi utapata, belie dat. Imekamuliwa na ma drug dealers, politicians, more than 5 UG musicians etc.

[ATTACH=full]2208[/ATTACH] damn, I dont blame diamond, hata miaka haungalii


kwani taste yako inakuanga ani kijanaaa?!?! weka ya 10/10

eish I thought u are a cougar lover mr monk

Madame ni wale wale …U give her gold anataka silver… hawajijui

mi huangalia dame hivi ata kama ni msupa aje, and I think how after DF that pussy will ooze with joti zikitoka and am like pussy is pussy, GTFOH

@ol monk wacha kujitetea… weka mbisha

You’re all here judging her and you don’t know the reason/s why she left Ivan. It takes more than money to sustain a relationship…and btw she’s not 40, she’s turning 35

unamtetea …Oky wht does it take ,to sustain a marriage wee {Mwalimu wa mapenzi} ??


She was given everything bana shida yake ni gani? Na si ati Diamond alirusha maneno mazuri zaidi

She has an appetite for fame.
Hata hii diamond won’t last.

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40? siwezi iguza heri niwait katoi kazaliwe na kafike 22 nikiwa 40

Go ask your grandparents…

How do you know she was given EVERYTHING? Material things are not everything!!

Hio ndio ujinga ya wanawake.sasa utamtafutia mali na at the same time ushinde na yeye umpatia emotional support.kwani mwanaume hatafanya kazi ingine, ni kufurahisha mwanamke.


…Well, if you get married to the one that just doesn’t do anything then don’t complain when you became her donkey in terms of working hard…but if both of you have ways of generating income then as a man you don’t have to overwork yourself ati unatafutia mwanamke… The deal will be mnatafutia watoto as well as lifting your lifestyle together .

Anyway, the fact remains that women get attracted to the man who’s emotionally there for them… Take it or leave… So if you can’t offer her that then…

If to lay a woman was all about emotional connections, SJ ingekua stalls.Guess you can see what I did there

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