Zanzibari Flagged Barge, We own nothing


Sad sad @sani

I am sure the ship travelled from Mombasa to lamu. I doubt if that port will ever be serious

A flagged sea vessel does not mean that the vessel belongs to a certain country. Ship owners choose to flag their vessels with any country they wish for taxation, insurance, labor laws and other factors. Many ships on the sea are flagged as Panamanian even U.S. and UK owned ships. I get what you are trying to put across but next time try to hide your ignorance kidogo

He’d get a heart attack if he knew the number of Liberian flagged ships.

As if comarco is a public company, tulia

It seems @spear 's real name is @Charles and not Dennis Itumbi.

I know more about this topic than you do, ni vile hapa lazima tuwe equal,

Ficha ujinga wako kumbavu wewe.

Its status as a public or private company is neither here nor there on the issue I educated you about. Carry on with your INFORMED posts. :cool:

kuwa mpole, i have stayed at Shimanzi all my life.

Congratulations. Inform us of your current and next address whenever you deem fit.

sasa ivi nalima mahindi hapa mau.

maze wewe ni dunder excess

Thanks for this, I wanted to tell him the same thing. That’s why people need to be careful on which cruise ship you decide to take. Some countries have very funny laws on flagged cruise, you may end up killed and tossed over board and the laws of the land will not prosecute

Exactly the ship owners flag their ships with countries that they know have little or very lax laws if they mess up.

well put

Kuongea ukweli even if this issue was posted by a bottom most bonobo,nime learn kakitu about Ship flagging

True, I learnt how shipping works and it’s totally a different world esp the way US cruise ships have flags from other countries despite being owned by Americans