Zambia's new Chinese police officers

Damn shame!
Zambia’s police force has scrapped plans to employ eight Chinese nationals barely 24 hours after it unveiled the scheme, following a public outcry. The new reservists were commissioned in the capital, Lusaka, on Monday.
The decision prompted widespread anger, especially in light of a ruling taken earlier this year that bans police officers from marrying foreigners for “security reasons”. Not even Zambians with dual-nationality are allowed to join the police. Dickson Jere, a lawyer and former presidential spokesman, said the constitution was clear on the matter.
“When we see a uniform of the police, it signifies our identity. It signifies our sovereignty,” Mr Jere said. “How would we be feeling to see a police officer and be saluting a Chinese national in our own country?” The appointment of the Chinese reservists had left many other people scratching their heads particularly as the government had previously removed other nationals from the security services. That move had been prompted because there was a feeling that foreigners were infiltrating. Suspicions over the recent recruitment were bolstered by distrust towards the Chinese community in Zambia, which was estimated to number about 20,000 in 2015, according to the privately owned Lusaka Times.
But the part-time officers are not thought to be have been going to perform any special role liaising with Zambia’s Chinese community. Police spokeswoman Esther Mwata Katongo had said they would just assist regular officers. “We had Indians who were police reserves and people were OK with it. Why should the Chinese be discriminated on race?” the Lusaka Times quoted her as saying. But the police have since backed down from their position, with the caveat the officers’ appointment broke no laws.

Ngoja tu hapo ata usiende mbali wanakuja .

I had read about this it’s absolutely revolting Zambia is now a Chinese colony, have read horror stories of how they have taken over most industries even pushing out the lowly hawkers .

kabla navy seal aland.

kabla the big bang

Niliambia meffi heads hapa chinese are angling to fuck us na watu wanalia huku ati Uncle Tom Nyef nyef…

Pushing out lowly hawkers… Really? Avoid sensationalist reports. Even kenyans wouldn’t become lowly hawkers in Zambia because of language barrier

Everyone is angling to ferk someone. Ask Tanzanians, they believe kenyans are lubing them up. It’s the nature of the system.

But given the opportunity am sure we would screw the hell out of our TZ bretheren especially economically

This will not make much sense but I don’t like the idea of someone who looks very different becoming police in Africa or in Kenya. I have no problem with black Ugandans Tanzanians Somalis becoming police in Kenya. A police job is more than a job

That was a giid idea. To end corruption in the police we need expartriates. Look at the traffic sector, we now have cops and ntsa guys eating thus increasing the bribe bu5 no resukts. Bure kabisa! Kenya should hire Russian cops.

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unless sensational changed meaning ? I don’t see anything sensationalist about my post ! Zambia has allowed alot of Chinese immigrants who are using their connections back home to import alot of cheap merchandise they in-turn sell them directly to consumers cutting out the Zambian hawker

:eek::eek: this is in our future if we don’t watch out. KRA must step up tax collection madeni zilipwe

If people had Kenya at heart then we would but they have themselves at heart