zambias forgotten space program

Back in 1964, a Zambian teacher vowed that his country would beat America as the first country to put a man on the moon, and then they would go on to Mars. Unfortunately, his dream never came to fruition. The Zambians worked hard, though. His “astronauts” rolled down hills in barrels to get used to traveling through space. They practiced walking on their hands, as their leader assured them that was the only way to get around on the moon. But it all came to nought, because the United Nations wouldn’t give him the $700 million he needed to fund the space program.




Fu*k the United Nations, why didnt the just fund this great African thinker?

hii bangi ya zambia ya 60s ilikuwa kali sana


hehe I had actually heard about it some time back

me thinks you need help, nimeweka findeo na wewe apana amini hii story. Kweli Waititu amefanya vibaya kumaliza fombe haram. guess you are suffering from withdrwal syndromes. usijali bro, within the next few days it will be out of your system


Hata sasa.

Same potent stuff in neiboring Malawi. Malawian gold.



Its one thing to have such a crazy idea but to convince six grown men to put each other in drums and roll down a hill?! That is Leadership.
Anyway,nobody went to the moon it was all alot of bollox.
And if they did,how come nobody has been back since? Hawa wazungu wanatubebaga makondoo sana.


There have actually been six missions to the moon!

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angalia vizuri useme whats wrong with this pics

Sijui nicheke, sijui niwahurumie.

First pic sums it up. There’s no oxygen on the moon.

hehehe I have watched the conspiracy theories…


whats in the first pic?

flood lights

Cant you see green matter like mould growing?

a flag blowing to the wind? on the moon?