Zambian English Accent closest to Neutral Kenyan English Accent

Is it just me or does anyone else find the average neutral Zambian accent the closest to the Neutral Kenyan accent ? Like, the one without heavy influence of tribal mother-tongue pronunciation. The average urban Zambian English accent to me sounds exactly same as the average Kenyan Urban one.
Save for the occasional Southern African Wek for work, which Kenyans would tend towards Wak , and a few other words like First (Fest vs Fast).

Zambia Lozi or Ngoni accent?

Lozi. The Western one. I presume Ngoni is closer to the Nguni Stock (Ndebele, Zulu, Xhosa) accent

Other than accent I find they are also very easy to get along with compared to other peeps like Magufulistanians

Inasound closer to a Ugandan English accent to me. Ugandan mixed with a typical South African English(Zulu) accent.

ungetuletea vienyejii vya Zambia tufanye comparison Na kina shiro and akinyi

First video the lady sounds Kenyan second one dude sounds Ugandaish

:D:D Kama hii ?

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aaaaaaand they seem always ready :D:D:D:D


tam tam. ongesea Baba

The first video si ya Zimbabwe?

Not sure, I picked it ikiwa livestream on a map from somewhere hio area ya Zambia-Zimbabwe acha nicheck.

There is no urban english in Kenya. Sample this: si you see, me is like I like that guy, juu people say he is good.
Secondly, every body has an accent, that is how you are able to know an american and a british english speaker.

urban accent. Haven’t you realized a Teso that lived mostly in the city and schooled in the average city council primary has the same accent as a Meru who did the same ? On average.

Sounds more South African to me. Ugandans sound like they are singing-more like Rwandese.

Vehicle number plate is GP, Gauteng province yaani johannesburg South Africa

They can’t be Zambians then :slight_smile:

sas wewe?