Zambia: under Chinese influence.

#China’s presence is visible all over #Africa. But
nowhere as much as in #Zambia, the African nation
where it invested the most money last year. The ties
between Beijing and Lusaka are strong and have
existed for decades. Today, China possesses one third
of Zambia’s national debt. It has invested in the mInIng
and industrial sectors, but also in agriculture. Some
Zambians denounce this Chinese presence as a form of

Problem ni , if the african people form an initiative to create a copper company to rival Chinese they will ruin it to the ground due to greed , corruption and mismanagement. Ooh Africa nini ilituroga

What is wrong when Chinese invest? British exploited Zambia for over 100 years without investing anything on the ground

ii ni watch later,

saa ii ni game
io doc ya 40+ min inadai aje?

ume watch io doc ama ni zile siasa na fitina zako??
inadai aje?
io mimi nta ikalia kesho

Take your time and watch it… I promise it’s worth you time.
Kindly, indulge me how long t would it take a Zambian to build a $250m empire in China…

Nangoja u watch then you analyze and make a decision for me

mzae hunanga akili:D saitan
tukapatana na kupepeta vibare ushangae

What is preventing a Blackman from doing this.

mzae hunanga akili:D saitan
tukapatana na kupepeta vibare ushangae

homosexual io doc inadai aje

Afadhali mchina, mzungu will steal,massacre your community na bado atakulazimisha ufuate tabia zake za kishetani kama usenge na feminism

Watch the documentary and comeback…

Ours is a leadership problem… I can guarantee if dangote wanted to invest in a mine in China it would be a tall order. These fuckers have been allowed to even undercut chicken sellers buy selling chicken pumped with growth hormones. The country is literally littered with Chinese signs they will eventually displace the locals and if you video you will see its already happening.

Watch hio interview discussing the documentary.

Nimewatch kiasi but I will finish it later…

Africa needs to be conquered by a blackman

Its better to be colonised by the Chinese. The white man will kill you, enslave you, steal your land and force you to live his lifestyle.

african leaders are the biggest problem .

The white man, specifically the De Beers family is still owning and controlling the gold and diamond mines huko south africa and botswana and has done so for over 200yrs, and Kenyans are yet to complain about this injustice, but when zambia gets into partnership with chinaman to mine the copper, they shout from the roof tops…