Zakayo is pressing the right button..Mama responds


Mama Ngina has enjoyed state protection all her life… She shouldn’t sabotage it now

Konyagi went to cry to his mother again

Nabii end is nigh akanyage mosmos.

Ushuru lazima ilipwe. Orkoiyot hatambui upuzi.
Gachagua pia.
Not forgetting the judges Mlevi rejected their appointments. Wanamngoja warudishe mikono maradufu.

You don’t understand how political power works…

There’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the Kenyattas can do to a sitting President.

They had to mellow under NYAYO for continued state protection (ndio maana they didn’t even joke around with the likes of Matiba)

As it stands, they need political mercy to survive.

WSR is the man with the Yam and the Knife. That’s where negotiations start.

Hakuna kunegotiate. It’s time we acknowledge the full extent of K1s massive state capture and absolute plunder absolutely

Must “Nabii” hurt the Kenyattas to appear to be working? This “man” has to reduce his machungu. It is not good for the country

What you don’t know the Eurobond ni Ile pesa the super rich had stashed abroad. Waliamua kushort their position. Shilling will not withstand the onslaught. We will go the Sri Lanka way. Tutakosa ndorra za kupay for import.

Hakuna kitu kenyatta watafanyiwa. Hii ni kelele ya kufumbaza bonobos while they negotiate a share of the cake. Uhuru n his cronies walichota too much during the 10 years so the noise is from ppl who want in. Not miserable peasants.

Kenyatta family has to pay for the years of plunder they have wrought on poor Kenyans… JSKS afinye ao neo colonialists…Kama kata tamba katambe…wakina @Electronics4u na @johnpombe wakitaka katambe katambe…neo colonialists na there glass houses wamalizwe…I’d rather Kenya goes the sri lanka way than 60yrs later Kenyan citizens sleep hungry ju ya kukosa food ya tumbo…kenyan citizens dying of hunger in 2023…Kama mbaya mbaya:mad:

Money isn’t Power… Power is Power!!!

Do you know Sir Charles Njonjo with money, foreign connections, and the Mt Kenya Mafia behind him… He bowed to the meek Moi.

WSR is not Moi.

And the Eurobond thing and play is literally story ya Jaba.

Excessive borrowing while stuffing the local economy is what births a Sri Lanka (everything else you believe is UNTRUE)

So WSR anaonyesha machungu? What of UHURU for like five years

You dont know what you are taking about. The current constitution is different from during Moi’s time. Ruto is in charge of executive. We have the judiciary and the parliament. Like he said, the Kenyatta’s own some part of the economy. If push comes to shove, there are several ways to sabotage the Kenyan economy…and i dont think Ruto wants that. It is actually backfiring.

Really… You think the Kenyattas control the economy?

To the degree they can sabotage the economy?

Suddenly you forget we have laws governing our economy.

Also, the Kenyattas like anyone who has been in positions of power can be quickly brought to law on matters meritorious.

Because no one holds power clean.

The Kenyatta name is mentioned in the Pandora papers… Holding their businesses up with unending litigations is easier than you may think.

There is a reason why those with money always follow those with political power.

Power over the law making organs, over a good chunk of the Judiciary, and everything in between.

To imagine that the Kenyattas can do anything but now is really ignorant of the tides and moving of power

Now who is being ignorant…

You really believe parliament is separate from the executive?

Parliament is always under the president.

And the Kenyattas would lose if it can to an all out war…

Mama Ngina is a time tested woman… She understands the holdings of power. I promise you, she wouldn’t let it boil down to that!!

You guys still overestimate kina Uhunye …there’s nothing they can do, sai they’re living under JSKS mercies…how will Uhuru sabotage the economy?..even if it’s shutting down their companies how long will Kenya 's economy suffer untill a replacement takes over the market share?

How was Kenya surving before the Eurobond???..I am no expert in fx can you elaborate further…na if that’s the case can other individuals out there who have more money than the kenyan rich be manipulating and destabilising economies of most countries?

the question here is what next for G.o.K, Mama Ngina is eagerly waiting for KRA and other relevant authorities to serve her with papers of noncompliance . amesema watu wawache ndomo.
Nabii, kazi kwako.

Isabel Dos Santos alone was wealthier then the whole of the Kenyatta family.Imagine how wealthy they were if you combine that with the dad and the whole family.The family are now fugitives being hounded like garbage and the dad is long gone and some of them serving time. They underestimated their successor and he has crushed them.

what are her rights under the constitution ?

the judges will work within the confines of the law, they can’t create their own laws. it will be interesting seeing this saga in court.

what are the Kenyatta’s hiding from ? what crimes have they committed ?

best of luck with that. Kenyatta, Moi and Mwai waKibaki had constitutional powers to allocate land, Kenyatta and Moi accumulating all that land is a moral issue but no law was broken, if you want to reverse it, then revoke all the title deeds that were given by the 3 amigos.

Uhuru properly screwed the next guy who was taking over from him. leaving nothing for them to pocket. i guess that’s why Nabii hasn’t launched any meaningful project, that he can reward his friends and loyalist, wemekula ngumu.

Mama Ngina has told WSR to bring on, awache mdomo huku na kule. Let them act, if it’s the end of the Kenyatta’s well n good.

Nabii will end up sabotaging the Kenyan economy in his quest to destroy the Kenyatta’s, for instance, he has open the importation of milk from Uganda, well n good Brookside may fill the heat, but where will that leave milk farmers , including those in his backyard.