Yule Jama wa pesa ya Equity kuja hapa “I Was Jailed In Lang’ata Over Equity Bank Loan”


Are you aware that if don’t pay your Equity bank loan in time, you’ll end up spending a night in one of the coldest prisons in Kenya? Well, you need to know that your Certified Residential Broker[/B],CRB case could change to a criminal case and you will definitely face the music.

This is the plight of Lydia Ngigi who was remanded in Lang’ata women’s maximum prison for seven days after failing to pay her loan in the required time

“I took a loan from Equity bank, a few months later i was unable to pay it, so the case was forwarded as a criminal case to Lang’ata Maximum Women Prison, a step that up to now i don’t understand because it should have been a CRB case! That’s how i ended up in Lang’ata Women Prison”.

She has urged the Lang’ata women’s maximum prison fraternity to observe high levels of hygiene in the cells, but she applauded them for providing a balanced diet for the inmates despite some few hardships she experienced from some of the female wardens.

She says lack of freedom is the worst nightmare she has ever experienced, adding that she was forced to sleep as early as six pm because the gates were locked at exactly at 6.00 pm.

“Freedom is the least thing you need to lose in your life, you have been used to freely move out with friends, to the market place and to work place too, but when you are detained, you can’t even move out of the gate, your programme has been tightly scheduled day in day out by other people. It’s not like when you relaxing at home, because you will never choose what you want to eat. Sleeping as early as six to me, was a big challenge!”

“I found quite a big number of women who were thrown behind the bars for committing petty crimes, some were used by their boyfriends to transport drugs, others quarreled with their neighbours, others fought with their husband’s ‘mpango wa kando’ and house girls who stole clothes from their bosses’ kids were in for it ”-said Lydia Ngigi.

She has now taken the responsibility of helping the prisoners who have been abandoned by their families by providing sanitary towels, toilet papers among other domestic commodities, since she understands what they’ve been going through over the years.

Lydia’s sole campaign involves rescuing the young girls who have been imprisoned over petty charges by paying their bails out of the bed bug-invaded prisons.

She has called upon Kenyans to stick together by championing peace during this election period and avoid by any means being used by Kenyan politicians.

dawa ya deni ni kulipa,sio yeye wakwanza ama Wa mwisho kulala huko

Generally slow. The guy didn’t borrow any money. There is no default period. No false pretences nothing.


Umm kama hakuna kitu kama hiyo kwa loan agreement she should take legal action… seven days hell anafaa kuwa billionaire sahii


By the way she should sue. Ikiwa hana pesa atembelee kituo cha sheria ama fida. But again if this is not just cooked bs.

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Dumb ferker here, there, everywhere.
Kazi unajua tu ni Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V



uyu mwanamke agenda yake si moja. Naona akifungua NGO, naona akianza kuwa Feminazi, naonea yye 18 akiwa Human actvist mwitu, naona anasaka sympathy, naona anasaka attention ya watu flani, naona, etc


Mkisii mijinga niaje ? Wakanyama amekusalimia

umemaliza kugonga yeye kende? Naona amelike post yako apo juu :D:D


Na hii hesabu ya +C inamaanisha nini?

Watu wawache kuchukua loans to maintain high standard lifestyles.

Sasa loan ya equity na bed bugs convergence ni wapi?

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Defaulting a loan is not a criminal offence. Otherwise most people would be in jail.There must be more to that story


A case of poor journalism too.


Stupidity attains hybrid status. Failure to repay a loan is a civil matter. How it becomes criminal is beyond me. Son, don’t just copy stuff. Haikosi wewe in wale walikuwa wakicopy mpaka jina ya desk mate.


Hapana sumbua elders hapa. Go t/bag someone else.

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You lie! Am surprised nobody has noticed this, its post to be Credit Reference Bureau

*Credit Reference Bureau.
The journo and the guy who posted here ni meffi wote.


Oh, yeah lemme edit it

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