youtube videos on tv

I have a good internet connection and a good tv too, sony with usb, hdmi and the standard video input can i watch youtube videos on my tv using the internet without having to dowload the videos and store them in a flash drive.

streaming live?

From your communication you are not using a modem. If its fiber and your TV is Sony there are two options, First find a LAN port on your TV back panel and connect it with a patch cable from your router. Second, if you TV is WIFI capable connect it wirelessly to your router.

Sony has YouTube in its OS use the same to stream videos after you have done the above. hope i have been of help.

Just a minute.let me check.

@Cypher254 no lan port.seems like ny model is old. :frowning:

hahaha… thats not a smart tv. thought it was pole. the you will have to connect as @Zarina explained.

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vile Zarina amesema

get a strong decoder or any decoder that has an ethernet port and load it with the latest software and you are gd to go. on top of youtube you will get youporn and redtube too. Hope you know what is there

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@Meria Mata which one can you recommend.

Even me want to knw

You can also use a BluRay player that has an ethernet port, then connect the BluRay player to your TV using a HDMI cable. And of course switch the TV to the correct input.

strong 4922 or 4950, Qsat 16 or 23, and dreambox 800HD.
all this decoders have iptv lakini dreambox ni baba yao, it gives you 5000 channels from around the world.
i hope you know that steaming consumes alot of data.
80 mb safcom hua haifiki halftime ukiangalia football.


Most Smart Tv have an youtube APP.–i watch youtube on my panasonoc smart viera TV

Panasonic hasn’t been promoting it’s products for a long time. Do they have dvb-T2 enabled TVs?

Yes they do…the one am usinf has[ATTACH=full]1159[/ATTACH]


Cool. I love Japanese electronics products. JVC, got too silent too. I hope the Panasonic is well priced. I’d love to get one.

This one cost me 450 euros, some one brought it for me frm Europe. Its 42 inches

Panasonic has a showroom in Westlands. I don’t know if they have the Dvb-T2 ones in Kenya. I’ll find out.