Youth Fund to throw away Sh208m egg hatching machines

More Wastage!!!
Taxpayers are set to lose Sh208 million that was used by the government to purchase 1,050 egg hatching machines in 2012 as they have become obsolete.
Youth Enterprise Development Fund CEO Josiah Moriasi on Thursday told the National Assembly’s committee on Special Funds that they had made a resolution for the hatcheries to be disposed.
The hatcheries were to be to be issued to five youth groups in 210 constituencies for poultry business, but ended up gathering dust in stores in Kasarani and Mombasa.
Mr Moriasi said the fund had received clearance from the Treasury to dispose the machines but later the head of public service stopped the process until the merger of the three funds is complete.
Mr Moriasi said that despite the machines being obsolete, the fund is still paying Sh1 million annually storage fee to the Kasarani stadia management.

Its okay. We know how they end up, after eating citizens money.
Their funerals are always broadcast to us live,

How does a hatchery become obsolete? Kwani inatumia OS “that is no longer supported”?
Au kuna mtu ana-shine-ia macho hatcheries ambazo atanunua kama scrap metal?

Exact same thing I was wondering…I’m sure even if there are newer hatcheries that produce 2 chicks from 1 egg, these old ones will still serve the purpose, and more so for the youth groups in the villages.
@gashwin I think hizi zilishauzwa…saa hii ni ku-sanitise the process tu

Gashwin if you gonna be stupid, please take some steps away first

You cannot elect bad leadership then come to your senses later and complain with the rest of us …until 2022 when you’ll fuck up again like that time you gave a west African your arse

You can’t

You were with the stupid bunch that sang jubilee pre-2017

Can’t u see there’s a correlation between stupid choices at the ballot and bad leadership?

The other side would not have given the stupid excuse?


Wat an eggciting thread. UG eggs came and killed the market.

So there were no eggs to hatch?