You're phone is listening


companies have to make money through ads by all means … capitalsim is king…

Sawa, tumejua anajua French

They always are… Kwani ukisema OK Google, inaamkanga mara ioio

your smart TV too just incase you want to post “vitu tunajua”

i have at times wondered how an advert pops up on my screen …the advert being about an item or something i had just texted a friend moments ago

Hmmm…judging from the comments, I think the allegations are true.

Juzi i checked out VidIQ website, when i logged into facebook i was bombarded by ads of their site

Hehe. The other day I was discussing the complexities of ladies going to the loo while wearing those jumpsuits that seem to be all the rage these days. Next day my wife got a manual on how to do exactly that.