Your wife or girlfriend could be a hawker too

So yesterday in the evening I decided to strawl with my buddies in town. We met after long time and served some hot coffee pale Lazarus inn. As time went by, we decided to visit one of the downtown club for some sips. Yes, there is a club pale Odeon nimesahau jina. Kuingia kuenda kwa loo, napatana na the wife of my neighboring kwa line seeking for my money in exchange of sex.
When she recognized me, she got surprised and just went to the female washrooms. I just left and in about 5 mins, a call from her. “Hey, please just keep your mouth shut up. I’ll come to explain everything”
She came back at 10pm straight to my house, gave me a hug and said, we’ll talk today when her husband has gone to work.

This has left me puzzled. Have you ever met a friend whom you know and knows you in a brothel in your lines of whoremongering?
Let’s discuss, how was the reaction, what happened next?

Kojoa ulale bro

Leta pikcha tukuamini,unless hii ni prokopanda tu. Which club sikuhizi inpangiwa laini unless uko dundori kwa choo moja

He means ile club modern green

Unatubebaje lakini kiddo?
Admin manze approve some posts badala ya kujaza server na umafi?

@Tin toller could you tell us the financial situation of the neighbor.

Not that lack of finances in the household would drive a wife to prostitute herself but rather the fact that when you’re in a lower paying job as a man in that league it’s very easy to marry ex prostitutes who will fall back to the job later on or even just marry a working prostitute unkowingly who will continue with her job even in your ‘marriage’

Yeah and that’s something very common. A research was conducted on it and found many prostitutes are married or in relationships and only a small fraction their patners knew of their job.

Though one thing people need to remember is that prostitutes never quit that job. They will always return. Like one brothel owner said, she will be back.

A normal woman can’t fathom being a prostitute but for the few who do, it remains part of them.


Malaya nugu wewe

Oooh,ok,my bad. :D:D:D

But generally Nairobi is one big bróthel… someone is scréwing someone… what you saw is just a drop in the ocean

A colleague once met his niece in Karumaindo, goes to show that prostitution runs in the family, hawa wa kusalimiana, their female relatives wanasalimiwa pia since the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Hii ni hekaya ya admin.

Is that your friend ama your neighbors wife?
You should mind your business hii Nairobi…You become nosy utashangaa.

A bribe will do in exchange for your mouth being shut but it all depends on the level of friendship btwn you and your friend if you two are close never see another man drowning report but if not a lump lumpful sum will do.

Where is that meme, of putting documents, in a folder of the “things that never happened”


Absolutely true. There is a small fraction that’s extraordinary though. Met this lady and amidst our conversation she mentions her hubby and stuff and I get curious and ask whether the husband knows that she’s a hooker. I’m still trying to understand what level of open mindedness that is coz she said the hubby knows exactly what she does and has no problem with it. Though worth noting, the said husband met this lady while she was still a hooker and went ahead to marry and have a kid with her, her being a hooker notwithstanding.

It’s cringe-worthy that you not only took said lanye’s words as gospel truth, but that you also saw it fit to repeat the same in the presence of elders!
Stick around, you have a lot to learn

A married woman who prostitutes doesnt do it in clubs. She has channels and a niche clientele. Akienda kutibu mteja anarudi tu home till next time or next referal…theres nothing such cant do for cash…sijui ni kurogwa.
I know a few.
This hekaya is straight up non sense.

Come down bro, everything being done on the planet is by someone who lives amongst society, just coz your life is quiet it doesn’t mean its the same for everybody.

BTW are you the same dude who doubted the pics of the midget and a thick lady posted by someone here? If so then safisha macho