your wife chatting around

should your wife chat with male friends/strangers online? Do you allow it in your house?

Kula dame nikama umefungwa 4 stroke engine kwa mgongo, malisa yeye and she won’t have time to chat around. Kama ameanza jua you are failing na it’s only a matter of time ata wekwa pipe ni jangili labda ata haijiwezi.

To avoid life stress, simu ya bibi wachana nayo period. Or utakua kama [USER=182] @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii
alitombewa bibi, akagundua aki peruse simu Sasa ni chairman wa mashoga going their own way. He now sends all his precious seed to ruai sewage depot[/USER]


:D:D:D:D:D… Mgtow= Freedom ,beta male problems can’t relate!!!

Why do you have a wife in the first place?

This threads about your wife cheating on you are becoming tiresome. What men should realy be worries about is hitting a certain age without accomplishing certain things and not being cheated on by som creatures.

tiresome to who? who is cheating on who? if you are gay, stick to gay threads

Tandika hiyo kunguru I do chat with married women from 5pm nkiwa kwa jam hadi 10 pm nkiingia bed tukipanga mechi etc im sure abruptly on sundays anaendanga Saloon sio??? unatombewa bibi my fren

You want to limit her social life and be the only man that she talks to ? Good luck with that pal, she’ll still cheat and be sleek with it.

Let your wife have boundaries ,if it doesn’t come from her the boys wont stop. Word spreads quick the whole estate will know how easy it is to eat your wife and you would know last.

tafuta bwana yako @T.Vercetti after amemaliza kutomba mama yako akutombe mkundu utulie.

A woman who respects the husband has no time to chat na maboys otherwise hio ni mazarau. How would she take it if she finds out the husband is chatting with some ngeos? Heshima na boundary lazima zitiliwa maanani…

You still have the guts to comment here when almost everything you say is immediately outed as bullshit. Uko na roho.

ghaseeer jidishi ama ukuje unifungie acc ama unatka utiwe mkundu

Trying to block a woman social media inbox is like trying to fart with diarrhea- Fiud Masho circa 1985

We as men try to maintain our frame and achieve certain milestones before certain ages, save for a few outlier beta males like @poyoloko who zero graze around the genitals of their wives

Kama umezaliwa na lanye unataka watu wote pia wazaliwe na malanye?

There is no way that you can police that activity effectively …

If she is driven to do it , She will … :smiley: :smiley:

Sometimes I criticize poor men for impregnating their wives too often but saa zingine hii kitu humake sense.