Your strange/awkward sex stories

Some of us have been well behaved and have not received any nominations for HOYAs so here is the opportunity to regale us with your stories.

I was still staying at my folks place and my then ex-girlfriend had come over to see me. We are in the bedroom and things start getting steamy, so we start going at it. Unfortunately, my mom drives into the compound and actually gets through the front door and calls me several times to come help her carry some stuff. Now I clearly havent heard her come in so its, pure shock hearing my mom call me when im balls deep in the chic. I jump off the mama, still hard, with a condom on and all i can grab is a pair of sweat pants.
By the time I get to where my mum is impatiently waiting for me, im looking dazed, have a hardon poking through my cotton pants and all I can say is “i was sleeping”.


Of course you were sleeping, with your girlfriend.


still hard, with a condom. on


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well done Sir :smiley:



Feel free to share your stories and be nominated


Lets call her Judith: Judith and I attended the same computer college back in 207, i had just cleared my forth form and i was staying with my granpa in rural rift valley. Classes were monday to friday and optional on weekend, so this particular weekend i found Judith going about mail merging and excel stuff as we were preparing for the Computer society of kenya exams. KCSE results had just been announced and you know how all of a sudden (happens alot in the village) you get this recognition for passing well , so every other gal in our class all of a sudden had me as their favourite though i was this quite and soft spoken guy for rest except for Judith. I spoke with her quite often, during breaks and lunches. all along i had hinted to her that i wanted her, passed a couple sex jokes and even bought her lunch a number of times, overall she knew that the slightest opportunity i would get i wouldn’t let go., in her crew were two other gals who one was being banged by the video house owner downstairs and the other one was being screwed by shop owner down the street. … to be continued.

Forrowing, HOYA panel, this is prequalified.

The sex stories should be unique, hapo juu a virgin like @Hunter Xp is lost of ideas in his fictional piece.


These stories are well researched so far no repeats.

How many of you have ever banged a chic who’s not a poko and who doesn’t expect anything in return and you left without even knowing her name? Me I have.

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nigger you must be like 20 centuries old, you mean you were alive in the year 207??


@nairobilay kulienda aje?! :smiley: kuja na picha

@Hunter Xp fastisha boss

Boss hiyo ni story ya 2005…thats why i have the disclaimer that anyone sharing a story here will get nominated. :smiley:

I used to bang our house help, whenever mother would come in the evening I sneaked out using backdoor and jump over the fence to join my fellow boys to play soccer then I would come back at around 7:30PM

Might have like two juicy stories, stay tuned. Banging a chic from a Nairobi backstreet to fĂşcking in a gents room in a pub in A town.

I was in 2nd year in campus when i met this horny naive fresha at the fresha’s bash, she was a porn addict and she gave me the best bj in an empty lecture hall that friday evening, from that day every time i went to visit her in her room she used to give me heavenly BJs, she was from muranga and had these big boobs and was always horny…oh what glorious days those were… !!

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Work of fiction, HOYA nominee. Horny sana lakini we only hearing of bjs


dry fry ilikuwa lazima lakini the BJs were heavenly, outstanding is the word.