your insurer is not a fool

it goes without a saying,you take insurance when you don’t need it,so that it can help you when you need it.

this is a saying that many of us keep on misusing, a case study is the current case of Bishop Maina Ng’ang’a,this gentleman bought a car ,a ranger rover,imported it 2yrs ago and managed to get registration number KCD, may i tell our Bishop that a third party cover costs 7074 per year,and if the family of the victim follows him,well you can say he will get it rough.

according to ganzetti, the car wasnt his.

according to eye witness he was the one driving and he was picked up by a car that behind him

He may have ‘bought’ the media.The guy has chums remember.

tjat doesn’t make him the owner of the car, right?

Kwani huyo jamaa ako how worth? How can you buy the government and the media at the same time.

no,that makes him liable for the death and the accident…i hope you understand .

the insurance will look for those minor things to avoid paying the claim

the company will want to know the owner and the driver to be certain if the car was on hire while on private motor insurance

we have to wait for The Nairobian by Friday to get the juicy part.

Insurance companies are neat pickpockets

It does not, but it makes him DIRECTLY responsible for any civil or criminal liability - if it emerges that he broke the law. That is important.

Ilikuwa gari gani?

it doesnt matter who owns the vehicle as long as the person driving was licensed and authorised by the owner

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He’ll just use his ministry’s ardent followers to settle everything…