Your goose is cooked

Ladies and Gentlemen I am highly passionate about uplifting the down trodden, alleviate ignorance by conducting awareness drives and infused hope among gluttonous people.
I have an affinity for game meat and decided to check on locally available wild geese in my beloved Country and came across the Spur- winged goose.
The Spur - Winged goose are the largest African waterfowl and are, on average, the world’s largest wild “goose”, inhabiting African rivers, lakes and swamps grazing and supplementing with small fish and insects such as . It is from their insect diet that the poison,
cantharidin ingested periodically from toxic beetles , is absorbed and held within the tissue of the fowl resulting in poisoning of those that eat the cooked goose. 10 mg of cantharidin can kill a human. Hence the idiom “your goose is cooked”.
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