Your future CS for education releases a new track

Picture this. The year is 2043. Muhoho Kenyatta is the new president after getting elected by thurakus in 2042. During the campaigns, the meno brown ghaseers suddenly forgot how his father uhunye had fucked us hard bila lube two decades earlier. Instead, they made countless comparisons with his father and grandfather. They came to the conclusion that Muhoho was of royal descent and for that reason, he must rule.

Heneway, among the cabinet appointees is one Kahu Mburu Mutahi, CS for education. Although he now wears kaunda suits and has a clean-shaven look, some Kenyans are old enough to remember that he was once an “upcoming rapper”. Despite already being involved in three multi-billion shilling scandals, President Muhoho insists he has faith in Dr. Mburu aka Mboro Mutahi’s abilities.

Folks, enjoy his trash music before he subjects us to bigger trials two decades from now.

Crappy music

Crappy family

Rules for thee but not for me, right? Isn’t this shoot a superspreader event? Unless they were tested and quarantined for the appropriate length of time, which is unlikely. Also, the lack of mask wearing is against covid rules set by the MoH.

Beat iko sawa

Tulishakubaliana ya kwamba Covid ni Mungu ametulinda. Unaongea kuhusu superspreader, have you gone to Gikomba, Githurai, Kangemi, Muthirwa markets and so on? This is child’s play.
Pia, testing Kenya ni heck-aya tu. Usidanganywe tunafanya.
Quarantine?? What’s that? Ilishatoka vocabulary yetu. Kenya hakuna covid bubbles
MoH officers wenyewe only don masks in public appearances. Kwa ofisi mambo kawaida tu.

That said, that song is a waste of wifi.

Is that so?? Wow. Over here there’s a lot of public shaming for covid rule breakers. Masks never leave our faces, unless you’re eating, alone. Six feet away from the next person. All in person meetings were banned long ago.

That shit is straight fire majamaa wacheni zenu.

Wtf is this guy saying. I can hardly understand but 10%. At least try and have a flow of you try to mumble rap.

Once upon a time I was a Eno?
When we took some law sis, and turned them into prow fits.


Tru dat

Wasted on the “rapper”.

Nangoja @BBIsiMuhimu alete his sermon on the mount.

Na juu anakuwaga amerukwa na akili utaskia akisema ati vile umetaja Kahush you are in fact reffering to him (yunomi).


Camera man,have you produced or shot any music videos we compare to Kahush above and deliver an immediate verdict ?[/SIZE]

I do not value your opinion.

It was not an opinion, it was a request to see your past work to see how good or atrocious it is as compared to Kahush’s video above.

You can’t afford to be refusing work at a time like this. We know you don’t make much as a wedding photographer.

This opinion is what I don’t value

Others will also contribute their opinions. It might help.

I will watch from a distance as they soothe your fragile ego.

Don’t take it personally, you simply aren’t the target audience.

You can’t call it music, man.