Your first...kiss

It looks like today is becoming reminiscing-friday. Last week guys were experiencing ma-feelings as we recalled our first crush from @chap’s thread
So who was the first person guys kissed…when and where ?

I was a late bloomer. This didnt happen till I was 18 (yes, is said 18!!!). Her name was Nkatha. It was my cousin’s wedding and this was at the afterparty, held on the sports ground of a school. With all my older cousin’s around I knew i wasnt going to pay for a thing so as far as I was concerned, it was an open bar. I was talking with my younger cousin Nash when we spotted this beautiful girl, tall, brown skin, thick hips and fantastic boobs. She was standing by the bar with an equally attractive girl but skinnier. There and then I called dibs on the thick hipped girl and Nash says he’ll take the other. So we walk over say hi. A little small talk and she tells me her name is Nkatha and the other chic is her sister, whatshername. So i ask if she wants a drink and she says yes. So nash and i are ordering drinks like bosses and sending the bills to our cousins.
In the midst of the flirting, nash and i decide we need to split up. So we tell the chics we should take a walk outside. Upon reaching the exit, nash breaks right with whatshername, i go right with nkatha.

It’s a slightly chilly night. We find we have walked as far the rugby field posts and Nkatha tells me she is a little chilly. In the best and corniest fashion i deliver the line “Then let me warm you”. Grab her by the waist and pull her towards me. Cup her cheek, looked her in the eye. She smiled at me. I leaned in, closed my eyes, parted my lips and…contact. The celebration that was going on my head was this:

Oh glory be! she just slipped her tongue into my mouth…muthafucka you are frenching her!
Somehow I played it all off like i had done this a million times before. We spent the next 40mins making out in that field. SHE EVEN LET ME TOUCH HER BOOB!
By the time I met up with Nash, from the grass in whatshername’s hair and the grin he giving me, he clearly had been up to more than just kissing.

So villagers, (especially @Purr_27 ) do you have a tale for the folks in the office feeling lazy on this friday afternoon?

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And the precum was like pee on your pants.


Late bloomer too!! 19 years.


Give us your story :slight_smile:

And here I was thinking I was a latebloomer. I was 15 when we moved to a new neighborhood huko porini juja, there was a girl who lived 20metres or so from our place. So my mum sends me to the shop on my way back I meet her, Njeri. I stop her,a few uchokozis later I go straight for her lips with my hands on her waist.

It didn’t last long though but we went on to dry fry later on the same year

Ohhh hun …wewe tutakufanya nini :frowning:

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That song was good back in the day.

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just outta school i had four friends,Jemmo,Ken.Sospeter and Waceke…we were inseparable. Waceke was a tomboy and we considered her as one of the guys…she would also hook me,Jemmo and Ken up with her friends for DF…Sospeter on the other hand was a very talkative guy but when in the company of ladies he went mute…on further enquiry Sospeter shared that he was brought up in a strict christian home…His dad an African Divine Church pastor (ADC) and his mum a ‘mama Assembly’ in the same church…so they had prohibited his interation with girls…and it was hard for him to relate with girls even at his age…we as his friends tried to help and sweetalked Waceke into helping our friend since he was at ease with Waceke…we go over to his house buy drinks for celebration as we awaited his initiation into ‘manhood’ as we called it…Sos and Waceke enter the single roomed house and we step outside…it took almost an hour and we hear Sospeter scream …alarmed we rush in only to realise he had cum and out of the sweetness and excitement he had screamed and passed out…Waceke was terrified!she thought the guy was dead! We pour cold water on Sos and he finally comes to…looking happy and confused…we have never laughed so hard…he started dating afterwards and he was okay from then…i don’t mean to make fun of your current state…you just reminded me of that moment and now i cant stop laughing


mine was at age 6 with a spoilt form 4 lady at the time, thot she wanted to bite my lips…she also happens to be the one who introduced me to matters sexual coz she took my thing n inserted it in her pussy, the next thing I felt was this sweet warmth and I found myself pumping (felt sooooo gooooood). from there I took special attention in trying to peep underneath ladies skirts (I would feel good as my member got excited) and that is how I got to fcuk the next (older) chic who caught me trying to see her upskirts. stupidly I thot it was only older ladies who possessed this sweetness coz their private parts looked different (with hair na unene wa mapaja) until I laid a class 6 girl nikajua utamu ni maku tu…tokea hapo imekuwa safari ya miaka mingi ya ngono


hehehe screaming tena

that was pedophile :mad::mad: frm the lady

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didn’t c it as an offence then, in fact I wud hang around their house when I learnt she was home for holidays so that I cud get that sweetness again, she wud at first act indifferent to me and I wud feel very bad (I later learnt she was afraid I wud expose our sexual liaisons) but after she was alone in the house we wud do it again.

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My first Kiss was in Class seven, our school’s mock results were being marked at a neighboring day school that was next to our boarding section, I befriended one of the girls from the neighboring school that was helping the teachers compute the results and she used to leak for me results before hata ziwe released. We used to chat over the fence and when the mock results were confirmed, I would wait for her hapo kwa fence nampa viazi karanga I used to buy as a sign of appreciation. One day as we were chatting over the fence in the evening I realized there was nobody around us, I gathered some courage and jumped over the fence and she was visibly shocked ananiambia nitashikwa. I was hearing none of that. I stood next to her nikamwambia I want to show her something I saw brooke (the bold and the beautiful) doing on TV. She asked me nini, I went close to her, nikamshika kiuno then went in for the kiss, I was visibly excited afterwards I think I even had pre-cum on my pants. She got visibly shy and blushed, from then on we used to meet at the same spot before she broke off to go home since her school was for day scholars.

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          Trust me we were suprised as well...some people are just downright weired!

my experience was with a mboch…once my folks left, we were left with my brother and the mboch would turn on the jukebox (CD hazikuwa ni ma vinly na ma tapes) and start touching herself inappropriately, showing off her boobs and pussy. We were too young to understand, she did this for about a week and later had to make us fuck her continuously and in turns…boys be boys we never spoke about it, even though there was a kasmell which i feel made my folks suspicious as she didn’t last…guys with kids know your mboch coz umalaya ingine uwa inborn, iko tu kwa damu…


bro ameniwacha na miaka mbili…zile vitu tumefanya na yeye…ama wacha tu
ofcourse we grown now

na kwani pink handles hawapendangi kuongea hii maneno?

Boss how much of a monkey do you look alike? Hata kapec?


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