Your Body IS the temple of a spirit

Think about it for a second. The only difference between you and that guy at city mortuary is that the spirit has already left his body. The Bible says that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. What if it means that literally. I am not sure if all our spirits are holy, but they are spirits that use our bodies as a “house”. The same way you move out of a house with a leaking roof or frequent water shortages, the spirit leaves when certain biological conditions aren’t met. That’s what we call death.
Fellas, it just might be possible that a spirit can find a new home " body" and live again.


You are a spirit and not a body.

I didnt expect a person that claims to be so pragmatic like you would bring up stories about that jewish-roman book.

@Phylgee habari long time no see

I believe that each and every one of us has a certain something that makes us unique. It’s what makes me different from the next person as to whether you can call that a spirit, soul I don’t know. It’s like a spark that makes us light and when that spark loses its light thats what we call death.

I like that book…


What book?

I’ll definitely do that?

Its sad with this level of mockery in this age that some choose to be ignorat and make fun of the real facts

Heres a simple example

Hardware(body) + software( spirit) = usable computer( living human )

Tread carefully

Body is the temple of a spirit alright…bacardi baridi,yellow galliano, shot of absinthe na kasprite with an orange slice garnish…amen

Or what?

you’ll see

You wasted 2kb of bundles to say nothing. Go back to sleep

woe unto you.
silly boy trying to be funny in matters beyond your understanding.


If you have something to say, say it. Dont go half-assed about things, giving vague warnings and trying to ominous

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