Young Lady Is Seen Doing This With A Wild Bear




hehehe sisi wengine chuma ya zamani hatuelewei hio neno:rolleyes:

Kwani kuna shida?? Si hajaipea kuma

hio kushikwa shikwa nayo intimately

Mf why didn’t you acconoany the pics with caption. The bear is trained to coexist with humans.

Acha ufala… Si ni kama tu vile paka hudara msee

Whats “Mf” and kwani cant you align that in yourself that the bear is a trained one ?


Who wears a flimsy summer dress in snow?

Mwafrika na kitu hajaona inakuaga noma. Lazma ipatiwe jina

Its called photoshoot,amekuja na winter clothes,takes them off briefly,shoots with the flimsy dress,back to winter clothes…repeat,a minute or two will not kill you in snow

A horny bitch who wants to be fvcked by a grizzly bear.