Young fisis


ingekua huyo ni mwanaume then hao watoto wakue madem ungeona vile hatungepumua…DCI angeitwa

This is sexual abuse. That lady deserves a jail term.

Hawa watoi wanatafuta nyonyo ya maziwa. Only pedos will interpret it as something sexual

This is something sexual. Wewe ukiona hao ndume bado wako rika wa kunyonya?

They’re closer to suckling than they are to puberty. Hawa hawajui hata that breasts are sexual things

You will be surprised.

Unaona vile women are moved by what they hear,comments za hao watoi zinamfurahisha sana…wewe ni mthungu

We are still brainwashing our kids that white is better . . foolish africans

Ghasia inafaa ifungwe

Those children’s lives have just been ruined, stupid woman.

The only sensible thing is what @uwesmake has said vitu zingine ni upuzi… Everything ain’t sexually as we tend to thing nowadays

Kids being kids…but watu wengine hapa wanakemea out of jelousy.

Those kids are innocent. Only a pervert would look at it from a sexual angle.

Hawa waingie Fisi Academy bila entry exam.

wabukusu these days ur really inter-marrying. nimeangukia yello yello and thought she is a mwende/njoki kumbe totoise ni bukusu pure hybrid ya bukusu dad and a muran’ga mum had to confirm her i.d…

the video is innocent, but if the circumstances were different mwanume angeona shida. if that was one of our village weidas with 100KG pure muscles and 2 little girls start touching and admiring his muscles wanawake wange piga nduru social media waki muita pedo naku demand ashikwe afungwe Guantanamo. and most likely it will happen.

but if same scenario happens with little boys and a woman ati hakuna shida? hio ni dabo standards buana!, huyu mwanamke anafaa afikishwe Guantanamo soonest.

Chief bukusus we are the second leading tribe after okuyus . hata second best student in kcse was bukusu/sapere .

But unajua maana ya pure breed kweli ?


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