You’re a nywele ngumu in the Congo in 1880

And you see this man approaching your mud hut
What do you do…?

Said sayyid the slave trader

Tippu Tip actually

One of the first colonisers in Congo. Slave trader at the time Livingstone was met by Speke

Huyu napiga jab jab right left uppercut righ hook. Ghasia ina KO. Hio kijiji hakanyagi tena.

Si huyu ni guka ya ile nugu muuza watu @Slave 0wner

He should be shot dead even if he is already dead!

I expected akuwe arab in high school kumbe ni black muslim

Nilikuambia some time back that the African slave trade was negroes selling fellow negroes lakini hukutaka kuskia.

Endelea kudanganywa history ya maongo na akina activists homo obama and friends. (Those very activists are the ones who keep the black man down.)

his mother was black and the father a rich arab…the arabs unlike the europeans treated their children from black mothers(slaves/concubines) as arabs…he accompanied henry morton stanley to the congo.
there are black princes in saudi arabia from black concubines with all the rights of the full blooded arab princes- check out prince Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud