You know the world is botched up when……

a) A glorified, narcissist, slutty sleazeball going by the name Kim Kandawhatever becomes a global celebrity because of a dirty sex tape, is idolised by millions of women and receives 1000 times more media coverage than tireless doctors working 24/7 to discover cure for cancer.

b) A self-obsessed sportsman with a history of domestic violence and ghastly obsession with display of money is paid $200 million to run and duck while a health worker in Minnesota is earning ‘peanuts’ to save lives( I know this comparison doesn’t make sense but it’s just to show what the world’s priorities are).

c) Millions are spent to study galaxies that are billions of miles away while this world cannot manage to find a wreck of a Malaysian plane that disappeared over a year ago.

d) A young Nairobian girl obsessed with A US celebrity will be more shocked with the death of the Celebrity than with the death of her mother.

e) The most vicious of opportunism and cunningness dons the altar and is christened ‘love and marriage’.

f) Two politicians are brought together by the ICC cases and, to save their skins, claim they are uniting for the sake of Kikuyu-Kalenjin ‘harmony’, manages to convince millions that their unity is for the sake of a phenomenon called ‘peace’ and, ultimately, get elected(BTW, the two truly united but did the kikuyus and the Kalenjins on the ground unite???..mmmmmm).

g) An arsenal fan will readily commit suicide after his team losses but won’t lose a single second of sleep if his father loses out on a lucrative government contract.

h) A charlatan making millions from ‘preaching’ the word of God will readily claim that he is offering his services to God.

i) A woman will readily leave her kids without lunch in order to go and prepare a delicious meal at her pastor’s house. The same woman will readily listen to her pastor’s impractical advice regarding her marriage while sneering at her husband’s practical advice.

j) Haya, endelea……………


K) A man will not mind reading 5,000 pages of hekaya poems of man-God, but hasn’t read the 200-page hekaya za Abunuasi

The world is fucked up. Everybody is fighting for their place. Find your place. Thats what matters. And nobody will ever come to you to give you free help.